VIEWS ON NEWS (Propaganda & Censorship)



By Crystal Clark, September 2012

It is essential that tools like Perception Management and Social Engineering are factored in to the perpetuation of ignorance. Of course this is difficult to accomplish if one is unaware of the propaganda they are constantly exposed to, to begin with. Even in the media (all forms of it) we find that managing the perceptions of millions/billions of people is also intimately tied to ensuring people no longer know what it takes to create, regenerate, and uphold life.

No matter which branch of absurdity (death by ignorance) mass media is used to sell you on participating in for your perceived benefit, they must use propaganda to do it. Managing your perceptions of reality is a BIG part of perpetuating ignorance, because they know people will respond to what they BELIEVE is true, not what IS true. Again, ignorance is the cunning thief of free will—people will not make choices they don’t know they have.

This VIEWS ON NEWS blog page is static—it will likely not be updated in the future. Discussions and examples of propaganda posted here were carefully selected and posted in a very specific order, pointing to cross-connections along certain threads. These examples are in no way all-encompassing, but rather are designed to express the pattern of the principle—or even the principle of the pattern. Both are simply reflections of each other.

The principle is always the same: keeping people from knowing what it takes to create, uphold, and regenerate lifeespecially their own lives. The media is used to deny this understanding in a number of ways, and the pattern of propaganda used to accomplish this is solely based on the “destruction of life—savior of life” meme (a meme is often referred to as a mind virus)—what some also refer to as a lierus, or a lie virus, when it becomes exploited for nefarious purposes. [Meme: an idea, behavior or style that spreads from person-to-person within a culture].

In this sense it becomes paramount to recognize that when it comes to regenerating, recreating and upholding life, nature has the all answers—that is its sole function. [See HEALTH AND ENVIRONS Tab for more]. In other words, we live on a planet literally designed to pump out abundance, but (y)our media-owning masters learned a long time ago that you don’t control the masses with abundance—you control them with lack and scarcity. The words lack and scarcity generally conjure images of poverty and starvation, and while this is true, lack of information and proper knowledge are equally a part of that. Why are people poor? Why do wars never end? Why are food crops failing? Why is the weather changing? Who profits from it? How is it being caused?  What are the consequences for every living thing on this planet if it continues? Who wants things this way?

Propaganda is used to ensure those questions are never truthfully answered. It also hides the identities of the true perpetrators of “manufactured lack” by constantly feeding you information that points you at the wrong people and ideas: over-population, bogus terrorists, hostile aliens, it’s not weather modification destroying your crops it’s Gaia rebalancing herself, and so on. Once they are successful at “telling” you the destruction they actually caused themselves was (or *will* be—as in pre-emptive strikes and pre-crime) perpetrated by someone or something else, they then step in as the ONLY savior to all of your problems.

Understand that propaganda is not just used to hide the true faces responsible, but also to ensure the rest of us rise up against each other so that we won’t work together against those who oppose life and what it requires to continue on.

See how that works? Instead of dealing with the source or root cause, we’re kept too busy killing each other off on their behalf. Families all over this planet are dealing with starving, dead, sterile, damaged, deformed and limbless children who are the casualties of wars based on lies, while the liars laugh all the way to the bank. This is the world of self-destructive ignorance that relentless propaganda has helped to create; this is the world we must change if we are to survive it.

Below are a series of videos based on the theme of propaganda, beginning with segments from the first half (the second half is only available to subscribers) of an interview I did with Mel Fabregas of some time ago. In the interest of saving space I’m only embedding 2 parts here. Very specific examples were brought up during this show, and the other videos I’ve posted here are related in both pattern and principle to help you easily recognize the width, depth and breadth of living in a world where your thoughts and ideas—your very perception of reality—are not your own. He who does not own his own mind, neither owns his time nor directs his own future.

Before reviewing the videos at the end, there is one more point and resource I would like to share. Below is a singular video of great significance, especially as it raises the term “rebranding”. [This has and will continue to come up over and over again as a necessary component of Perception Management]. The video is under 5 minutes long. As a form of “self-test” I recommend viewing the video and noting how you responded to it before, and then after, reading the final paragraph of this article. The purpose of doing so is to help you determine (for yourself), just how much Perception Management and Social Engineering have already personally affected you, in previously undetected ways. Remember, once the audience knows how the trick is performed, the illusion no longer holds sway—all they see is the trick. Ironically, as far as I can tell, the video below was originally posted with a different title. It may have also been rebranded to include a particular political leaders’ name and reposted, but this is hardly a one-man issue.

I highly recommend reading the short but excellent book, What Orwell Didn’t know: Propaganda and the New Face of American Politics, edited by Andras Szanto. The following excerpt comes from the Introduction:

Repeatedly, Orwell returned in his writing to the idea that a state of health in a body politic is dependent on a careful and deliberate use of language. Newspeak, used by state propagandists in Orwell’s famous futuristic novel 1984, was effective, in Orwell’s view, because it had “the power” to render people incapable of “grasping analogies, of failing to perceive logical errors, of misunderstanding the simplest argument, if they are inimical to Ingsoc [the official ideology], and of being bored or repelled by any train of thought which is capable of leading in a heretical direction.” But what offended Orwell most about this kind of propaganda was that it engenders a “protective stupidity.”

Today’s political messages are distilled in the laboratories of public relations and consumer branding to achieve maximum potency. Their power to shape emotions and opinions lies in their uncanny ability to get under people’s skin without arousing in citizens a powerful immune response.








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