While so many listen to the woo woo cooing of a large part of the alternative media, we have come to the brink. The madness that has allowed the progression of the Fukushima meltdowns has at least made newsworthy enough the reporting of nuclear waste leaks at Hanover, Carlsbad, NM, and elsewhere. Events that might not have made it to the news were it not for gathering public interest. But, just as at Fukushima, the official releases have been focused on purely handling public perception and not truth.

We will connect the recent wave of earthquakes and the magnitude threat posed by shifting conditions in Yellowstone to such irresponsible practices as these. Together with the extensive extraction of oil and now fracking, subsurface detonations in the past, the madness of employing HAARP, and the decline of an atmosphere that once shielded us from full spectrum light, this planet has been brought to the very crossroads where one more wrong turn can easily lead to our extinction.

Instead of the slow death by an already poisoned environment, you may have a fast one. You have little time left to turn it around. My colleagues and I feel we are simply trying to find new ways to say the same things. – JCH

The show has been plagued by several interruptions, at one time David had to reboot his whole system.

During the first interruption at minute 40 into the show, James was discussing the lawyer from Florida and how, when I answered his question about what happened in Sasebo Harbor, he decided to give up the trip. My take on it was that if that was too difficult to accept, he wouldn’t have been ready for what was in the ridge valley.

In the second one where James audio breaks up at 2h24min, James explains how the powers-that-be are so entrenched in their madness that they had rather destroy everyone, including themselves, as long as they are still on top than survive with losing any of their hold on power.

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20 thoughts on “RWT Episode #11: THE JUDGE—LAST EXIT FOR MANKIND

  1. Thank you so much for helping me wake up. investigating the tpp lead me here and for the past two weeks I have to remind myself to eat..sleep..and don’t give up. Feeling the full spectrum of emotions..reading ..watching..everything suggested in RWT. Now I’m alienated but that’s OK.. I believe we are worth it.
    Crystal and James your message got to me. Thank you for your time and effort. I hope to help all i can, and remain sane…:-)


  2. James and Crystal,
    I am deeply sadden to learn that the last show I listened was actually the last one. I understand your reasoning behind it, but I really hope you guys change your mind. I have learned so much from both of you.

    Whatever happens, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you all for all the effort and time you have put into. 🙂


  3. Crystal: I have had the good fortune of turning the Wheel of Fortune (upright) in three consecutive self readings regarding outcome of a personal event. (Yes, I shuffled! ha) I was hoping you would comment on what appears to be auspicious to a novice on its surface.


    • Buzz,

      The wheel represents rotation, movement, change; change in fortune; wheel of fortune.

      That speficic definition also shows the changing trend of interpretation over time. The “wheel of fortune” is the most common interpretation today, but this isn’t always necessarily the case. The other cards in the reading [if there were any] can lend more to the story and strengthen interpretation. Hope that helps. 🙂


  4. Oops! I guess I didn’t scroll all the way down at first viewing. My apologies for making you regurgitate it, but thanks. I led me back to RWT #6, which is without a doubt yours and James’ most powerful offering of the series. Sync. is a wonderful thing…


  5. Oh…by the way: If you really want to loose your lunch, listen to a portion of Laura Eisenhower’s most recent interview by Alfred Weber. There are only two possibilities here: 1) She’s high, or 2) she is willfully riding the coat tails of her great grandfather’s name to dish out steaming hot bowls of counterintelligence by use of the Annunaki / Underground Hostile Reptilian /Divine Feminine Tiamat Energy cookbook. I would love to hear you chime in on this one, time permitting of course.


  6. Beautifully stated. SO…The “karmic” term gives rise to Vedic tradition. This blame game on its surface more closely correlated (if one thinks like a globalist) to high Masonic doctrine, if not theosophical and/or Kabbalistic teachings as well. Would you agree or disagree with that?


  7. Crystal, for some reason I still do not have a solid grasp on the following question: “Why must TPTB telegraph what their plans are prior to its implementation?” I’ve asked this repeatedly of others but never got a definitive response. I figured that based on your insight and command of syntax, you would be the one to ask. Again, thanks for helping a kindred spirit.


    • An excellent question Buzz—one that not enough people ask. This is where the VERY real nature of “silence is consent” enters the picture. This is a malicious form of blame-shifting as, in their eyes, if they broadcast their intentions and experience no resistance, they have the green light to continue. In other words, the blame is shifted to the silent masses, and certainly part of it should be. HOWEVER, one need not look far to see this NWO tenet is selectively practiced (at best) as even when there IS massive public resistance, they continue to do it anyway. I’ve heard it said they believe this protects them from the karmic repercussions of their monstrous actions. One of many self-deluding NWO concepts, and by no means the worst.


  8. Very interesting response. If you recall some of my past commentaries, I don’t paint a very flattering picture of those that surround me, thus I would only be using Tarot for my own personal investigations and inquiries. With that said, for clarification, I can use ANY form of spread or “map” that suits me and achieve results, given that the interpretation of the cards is in check?


    • Buzz,

      Yes, you can use any spread that works better for you in bridging the gap. I do however recommend learning some of the basic templates (like the Celtic Cross) first to get a better feel for how it works first. The following analogy might better explain:

      In the early days of computing technology there was somewhat of a struggle to transmit data from one remote location (subconscious mind) to another (conscious mind), not because of speed, but due to data capture templates on the other end not yet being developed properly. For *every* piece of data being sent, there *had* to be a pre-existing template with pre-programmed and matching data fields on the other side, or the info would get lost. Transmitting NAME, ADDRESS & PHONE NUMBER from one location to another won’t work if, on the receiving end, there is no pre-existing field for the NAMES.

      Tarot is a very similar process, and the spreads are like templates or data fields that help to keep it sorted and understandable. This is *how* you keep the interpretation of the cards in check, by pre-determining which data/cards go into which data fields. 🙂


  9. The Pollack book appears at first glance very in depth. I am looking forward to the entire reading. I could not, however, find any reference to “yes/no” spreads, if they even exist at all. If I may hypothesize: a five card spread in all “even” numbered cards represents a definitive “yes” to the question pondered. In your opinion (which I respect very much so) is this accurate or internet bunk?


    • That’s a great question, Buzz. Tarot is a mirror of sorts, so it doesn’t really matter what kind of ‘spread’ is used. Choice of spread has more do with precision of feedback and/or better precision in placing values (i.e., past, present, future). Memorizing a specific style of spread better enables clearer communication–the more cards in the spread and the more each place has a special and unique significance, the more detail you get—detail not necessary in a ‘yes or no’ spread.

      Think of it this way: tarot is a bridge between the conscious and sub-conscious mind, but you won’t have any idea where it’s going without a map (or spread) so the information can be properly placed. Repetitively using the same spreads/patterns is really just a way of your conscious mind helping/training the subconscious mind know *how* to communicate the info. Whatever spread a person prefers will work–even if they make up their own. 🙂 What each space represents to you PERSONALLY is what matters.

      Yes or no spreads can include any number of cards, but where odd numbers are concerned, because of the way our conscious minds work (in a more linear fashion), cards to the left of center are considered past influences, middle is the present, cards to the right of center are future. Longer spreads are helpful in this regard if a person also wants to understand the influences that produce(d) the indicated outcome, not just the outcome itself.

      Hope that helps, and let me know what you think of the book. 🙂


  10. Hi Crystal,

    I think you are out of this world smart. Thanks for doing the shows because Iearned alot.

    Where can I watch Mirage Men? There is only a trailer on IMBd, and another link that takes you back to IMBd.

    Thank you,



  11. Crystal…you mentioned the use of Tarot. I visited a medium community in Cassadaga, FL. some 20 years ago, where I picked up a Rider-Waite deck along with a guide book (largely out of curiosity at the time). Since the last RWT, I started re-researching this in more depth. Can you share any further commentary in brief on the subject and/or recommendations for its use?


    • Thank you for the question, Buzz. The first book I wrote was a study guide, complete with 22 different resources I encouraged people to read and explore on their own. As an aside, I want to make it clear that EVERY author’s work covered in the book, was done with that respective author’s permission–in writing. The only exception was Whitley Strieber, but knowing what I know now, I wouldn’t include his work again anyway. 😉

      Where your specific question is concerned, I included a book on Tarot called: 78 Degrees of Wisdom, by Rachel Pollack. I recommended this book for self-study, regardless of whether or not an individual was working with Tarot because it offers so much in the way of historical references–the kind we aren’t told about in school if it can be avoided. You can find it here, and I really think you’ll enjoy it:

      In the meantime, you may find this *somewhat* helpful where the “judge” is concerned, but it really boils down to someone with an objective overview (which is often an aspect of ourselves as well, such as the subconscious mind), seeing that without change, those still alive but standing in open graves/coffins, have another choice to make–the kind that keeps the coffins empty: In other words, it represents being confronted with the idea of participating in our demise, and whether or not we’ve really taken the time to consider the consequences.


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