FLASHBACK FRIDAY ON THE TPP–ISDS: The devil in the trade deal – Background Briefing – ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

ISDS: The devil in the trade deal – Background Briefing – ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).


“A common provision allowing foreign investors to sue host governments has become a ticking time bomb inside trade agreements like the soon to be signed Trans Pacific Partnership. Some countries are now refusing to agree to the provision and are questioning its legal legitimacy. Jess Hill investigates.”


NOTE: The respiratory virus Merk created a nano-vaccine for is strangely reminiscent of the recent respiratory infection spreading throughout the US: http://www.cnn.com/…/respiratory-virus-midwest/index.html This virus is discussed around the 20 minute mark in the below TPP presentation.

RACE WITH TIME Episode #3: Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)–The Corporate Charter for the NWO

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a monstrosity akin to being the corporate charter of the New World Order, effectively providing the framework for corporate global dominance. The details of the agreement are being written and negotiated in secret by 600 corporate advisors (including Walmart, Pfizer, Monsanto & Halliburton) while both Congress and the press have been barred from accessing the text. Sections of the text leaked to the public indicate a massive corporate conglomerate is working behind the scenes, through the TPP trade agreement as well as global consolidation (too big to fail) tactics, to upgrade transnational corporate rights and power from ‘personhood’ status to ‘nationhood’ status with a bent towards global resource management and control.

This inflated status enables corporations to sue sovereign nations having strict health, safety and/or environmental laws with the claim that such laws “violate their corporate rights to make money” via exploitive activities such as drilling, mining and fracking. Hundreds of similar lawsuits, costing nearly three hundred billion dollars in taxpayer funds globally, have reportedly already been filed. The latest, and perhaps most disturbing, is Bayer/Syngenta suing the European Commission to overturn the ban on their pesticides—the same pesticides proven to be responsible for killing  millions of bees.

While TPP negotiations are expected to be finalized by Oct 1st 2013—a deadline that may also be related to upcoming disaster preparedness requirements centered around FEMA Region 3—the TPP deadline can, through a dedicated public focused on freedom and right-living, be stalled and pushed back for a third (and perhaps final) time.  To learn more about the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement (TPP), as well as the Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA), and find out what you can do to personally get involved, please visit the Public Citizen Global Trade Watch website as well as http://www.exposethetpp.org/


Video: It Can’t Happen Here by Larken Rose

Video: Trans-Pacific Partnership: Corporate Global Domination (long version)

Video: Ask Lori [Wallach] Live: Trade Expert on the TPP

UPDATE(S): Special thanks to Jacqui C. for uncovering records proving Senator Sheldon R. Songstad (Republican–retired), is in fact a real person. Songstad was reportedly the source from which the “memo” regarding FEMA Region III deadlines originated—a claim I have been unable to verify.

CREDITS: Thanks to Dave Corso of Wolf Spirit Radio (www.wolfspiritradio.com ) for hosting the broadcast, OmetaOne (http://www.youtube.com/user/OmetaOne) for doing the audio editing, Patrice (www.information-machine.blogspot.com) for producing the graphics, and co-host James Horak (www.emvsinfo.blogspot.com) for his special insights.

*RIP Dave Corso. You are missed.

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