It was a pleasure joining Shelly Johnson on OUR NATURAL RIGHTS via the AllTalkRadio network to discuss the methodology and ramifications of Reality Revisionism. I hope you’ll check out their future shows every Monday evening from 6-7pm PST.

7 thoughts on “CRYSTAL CLARK ON OUR NATURAL RIGHTS RADIO SHOW 10/27/2014 (Video)

  1. Hi Crystal, I love your work and it is right on. My problem with whats happening and changing it, is that most of the population in the world are brain damaged by air, water, food and education you think that can be corrected?? That enough people can come out of the damage to themselves and wake up to make a difference…Keep doing this great work..Susan


    • Thank you for the kind words and your question Susan. For most people, the damage is not permanent, and in an appropriately functioning society could and would be easily be corrected. That, among millions of other sane and moral reasons, are why we have an obligation to at least attempt to correct our course. That being said however, I’m not convinced the ‘damage’ is the reason people aren’t working in this direction–this coming from someone who has also been damaged by a toxic environment.

      There are many ways of dealing with systemic corruption, and perhaps surprisingly, I’ve not found legal measures the most effective solution, but rather *exposure*. The last corrupt company I worked for is no longer in existence, and all it really took to bring it down was to expose other employees to what they were unaware of.

      For example, when I had the chance to meet with a few techs from the corporate office, I “casually” asked them if they also had temps trying to collect on $300,000 invoices that weren’t real. The look on their faces said it all, and the following week there was an exodus and many of them walked out. Even the VP didn’t know what was really happening…

      This is one of the reasons I really and truly believe that most people really are (or aspire to be) good people, and would do the right thing if they had all the facts—I have tested it many times with good results and know it to be true. In this however, we are in a race with time, because the powers that be ALSO know it to be true. This is the entire point of everything from propaganda, perception management and compartmentalization to even ‘net neutrality’–NEUTRALIZING our efforts to reach more people.

      On the flip side, a dear friend and colleague of mine is convinced that until people go two days without food, in conjunction with the realization there is no good reason for it, they will fail to get involved. Should this occur however, and it is the intended goal of the elite, it will be a game-changer and everything we have ever said will come rushing in like a flood. I know that good people like yourself do what they can to prevent it from going that far, and for the right reasons.

      Still, the arrogance of the elite, daily, shows them more and more for who they really are, even without our participation.

      This is a beautiful planet full of beautiful but often unwittingly oppressed and misguided people whose goodness is used against them wherever possible. The day they figure that out there WILL be a reckoning, and I look forward to being a part of it.


  2. Hello Crystal,

    I will give this one more shot and see if I cannot get a message to you.

    I have been listening for some time now, to many different interviews, and so far you are the only person that has described almost exactly what I experienced on 12/21/12!! I can only add that besides the eerily quiet environment that is normally filled with all kinds of man made sounds, there was a ferly and surreal peaceful stillness that seemed to suffuse the world.

    I can only liken this numinous experience to when I would go snowshoeing at night while a soft snowfall, with it’s own incandescence, seemed to suspend time so that the pattern of each individual snowflake could be easily discerned. Indeed it seems that time itself is accelerating and I have heard that from young and old alike.

    I also had the sensation of being “upgraded,” as if I was getting downloads of information, or being led, like following a bread crumb trail, to the next concatenation of clues.

    I would be interested to hear if you have come across others that have experienced the same kind of thing on or after 12/21/12.

    Thank you in advance for your time and energy, it is greatly appreciated!



    • Cindy, I have not come across anyone who has expressed this change or the realization of it. However, as I have mentioned in a couple of radio shows since Dec 21, 2012, in my view a change did absolutely occur. I refer to it as “contemplation without resistance” and ironically, along those lines, it doesn’t matter if people recognize the change—it only matters that the change happened. This has created a major shift in that for the first time, maybe even ever, millions of people are finally willing to at least hear and/or consider a different perspective. They may not always come away from the discussion with the same view we have, but the discussions are happening! This is a crucial factor in reaching more people–whether they know it or not, they are now *willing* to be reached. 🙂

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