11/1/2016 By Crystal Clark


“Reality revisions are agenda-driven and thereby fictitious narratives carefully scripted to revise an entire global reality in order to meet or fulfill that agenda. These are major, major paradigm shifts of generational proportions that summarily pre and re-define the future victor and victim-hood status of billions. These shifts aren’t meant to change the perception and therefore direction of reality for a day, week, or months, but permanently. These revisions are as horrendous as they are gargantuan in sheer size and scope, their purpose is to forever alter the organic course of the human race in the writers’ favors, and with a body count already in the multi-millions, will stop at nothing to achieve it.” THE ROLES OF PERCEPTION MANAGEMENT AND SOCIAL ENGINEERING IN REALITY REVISIONISM–October 2, 2014 by Crystal Clark

As discussed elsewhere in previous writings/radio shows, rigging elections (of any kind) is a reality revision, which is why any associated “polls” can’t be trusted. These become lateral narrative binders used to cover up and hide discontinuity in the story line (official narrative of reality) that results from the revision. Their (lateral narrative binders) job is to make discontinuity imperceptible because it will never actually cease to exist.  Even when three of the major pillars of society, those being media, education and entertainment, have already been usurped to better enable reality revisionism through perception management, the cracks and holes remain. These changes leave traces we may experience as “glitches in the matrix”.

Neo experienced this when seeing the exact same cat walk by twice, this being an indication to his more astute associates that “they’ve changed something”. We see this happening continually in this election cycle as Hillary Clinton can’t fill a high school gymnasium with mythical supporters and two million “purchased” instant twitter followers while Trump is breaking attendance records, yet globalist-owned polls continue to report fictional results inconsistent with reality. A Trump presidency isn’t the reality they want, so they’re attempting to revise it and replace it with their own version.  However, polls are special in the realm of reality revision simply because of their multi-purpose use, especially when it comes to blame-shifting. In this, revised polls don’t just shift perceptions as to who is winning, but simultaneously begin shifting the blame for the engineered outcome onto your fellow countrymen—those mythical supporters that only show up when there’s $1500 and a free iphone in it for them. This of course is a reversion back to the grand chessboard strategy of divide-and-conquer. Far more importantly in the overall scheme of globalist reality revisionism however, is the message it never ceases to send: self-determination, whether that of an individual or sovereign nation, cannot be tolerated. Self-determination is a competing reality, and successful reality revisionism REQUIRES the elimination of competing realities.

“Still largely unbeknownst to most, we live in world in which two competing realities are constantly struggling for full manifestation. As one of them seeks to wholly dominate and fully replace the other through various methods of suppression and eradication, while the other entirely rejects such notions to the degree of criminal prosecution, they cannot peacefully co-exist—ever.  As long as this struggle continues, so too will global war, famine, corruption, injustice and strife, and ultimately, the continued demise of our entire planetary civilization via the purposeful destruction of its life support systems. Mankind can no longer continue to participate in their own demise out of ignorance (of this war) and escape that demise at the same time.

This struggle is between the sovereign state, country or individual owning their own thought, action, and right to self-determination, and a private group of aspiring Caesars in the global governance regime they intend to replace the other reality with. This ultimate global reality revision cannot fully manifest without transferring, to itself, all of the sovereign power and freedoms of the other. Suffering numerous mattoid impediments, from the birth of this new and competing reality, the order-out-of-chaos principle thought necessary to achieve it was also born.”



To be sure, this election will have global ramifications. It’s no longer enough to say that, “when America catches a cold the rest of the world sneezes”. We’ve long since progressed to the literal death of entire nations and their leaders because America has been infected with a virus: globalism. This is by far the most lethal virus ever unleashed on the current lineage of man. It will not only kill the host, but destroy the entire planet in the process. This is where the “order-out-of-chaos” and it’s extremely Satanic bent enter the picture—something I’ve often discussed by referring to the in-your-face Hollywood (entertainment pillar) films in which a demonic figure is found standing triumphantly in front of a scorched earth in the background. The sane can’t help but wonder at the destruction of something you intend to rule over, but that’s precisely the point of the globalist virus—building a new world (global fascist corporate  police state) on the ashes of the old one. In order for reality revisionism to be successful, all competing realities must be destroyed. In this context, the Roman’s called it Vestatio: the purposeful destruction on one’s homeland (which includes environment) to ensure subjugation. Because ‘vestatio’ is not a word you’re likely to find in any dictionary, I think  you will find the following information helpful. Some time ago I received an email from a listener that I think it’s time to share. I strongly encourage you to compare this not only with the intentional environmental degradation currently underway, but also with the “Syrian refugee” migration being forced on nations around the world by globalists:


Just had to tell you, your podcast with Freeman tv was brilliant! i’ve listened to it twice already and shared it with my friends. i just started your essay, because i was struck by something you said – the word used by the roman empire to subjugate people —“vastatio.” it reminds me of what is going on in Germany right now with the migrant influx. i am going to use that word for an online group on XXX, to talk about some of the issues you brought up. so i just wanted to say thank you for that. keep up the great work



P.S>i had trouble finding it, until i googled “scorched earth”/ and found the latin spelling

I’m extremely appreciative of FinnXXX sending me this wikipedia link because although I have often compared the globalist N.W.O. agenda to the workings of Rome and was using the term “scorched earth” in radio interviews, I never personally looked it up on Wikipedia where I would have found a singular reference to vestatio in the description. While I encourage you to read the information provided at the link in its entirety because I won’t be going over it in-depth here, below is the wikipedia reference to vestatio via the scorched earth entry in the sub-section titled Roman Era:

“Roman era[edit]

The system of punitive destruction of property and subjugation of people when accompanying a military campaign was known as vastatio. Two of the first uses of scorched earth recorded both happened in the Gallic Wars. The first was used when the Celtic Helvetii were forced to evacuate their homes in Southern Germany and Switzerland due to incursions of unfriendly Germanic tribes”

The scorched earth policy is but a singular component of vestatio, the other components including everything from forced migrations which instigate a clash of civilization and destroy entire cultures, to poisoning the well/waters and salting the earth—that last one being exceptionally cruel and meant to curse the future generations of the opposition or competing reality. Societal ignorance of these war strategies and/or the belief they no longer occur creates a spectacular impediment to better understanding the reality of our reality.  They have not ceased. In point of fact, the all-consuming virus that is globalism has not only reinvigorated them but through the inclusion of more advanced technologies, has made them far more heinous in the process. No, we aren’t salting the earth of our enemies “to curse their future generations” anymore. We’re using depleted uranium munitions instead. As scientist Rosalie Bertell once pointed out, “that’s the equivalent of flinging radio-active waste at the enemy”. Agent Orange in Vietnam produced similar results where even now birth defects are still a problem. Where “poisoning the well” is concerned, we’ve got the industrial waste by-product fluoride intentionally being added to water supplies everywhere despite even a recent Harvard study proving it’s a neuro-toxin that lowers IQ and causes a host of other diseases and cancers. That’s before we get to the repeated oil spills and the fracking nightmare which also injects radioactive materials into aquifers, and so on and so on. The famous Erin Brockovich has some incredibly eye-opening information in this regard on her FB page alone, repeatedly using the words “contempt” and “disdain” when referring to water authority attitudes towards public health and clean drinking water. In some cases local authorities bought bottled water for themselves while knowingly allowing the public to drink toxic water. Tap water all over the country is now brown, orange and/or flammable.

As outlined in a previous essay, the purposeful destruction of the environment (by corporations, not overpopulation) is an order-out-of-chaos strategy meant to further the globalist agenda through the incredible subjugation it will manifest via the globalist one world religion of “sustainability”. Vestatio, through advanced technology, now includes weather modification which is CAUSING the climate change problem, and certainly hasn’t overlooked your biological environment. Not only are vaccines all over the world causing atypical forms of the disease they claim to prevent while also paralyzing and sexually sterilizing unsuspecting victims, current autism trends, when projected into the future with models, are predicting that by 2032 one out of every two children in this country will be autistic. That means no schools, no police, no military, no workforce—no future. When globalist and eugenist Bill Gates claims “we can reduce the population with vaccines” during both a TED Talk AND on CNN, take him at his word. Their hubris betrays their mattoid agenda every time so it shouldn’t be surprising that Bill and Melinda Gates recently announced they’ve begun “tracking births”.


The 2016 election isn’t about Trump vs. Hillary—it’s about globalism vs. self-determination. Remember that when it comes to these two competing realities, neither is free to fully manifest as long as the other still exists, and moreover, this election is meant to make that final determination.  When writing about reality revisionism in the past I referred to the “incompetence meme” and “competent incompetence”. What this really means, is that these issues are not the result of simple incompetence, but rather are components of a strategy that the unwashed masses are meant to believe is the result of incompetence because the globalist-owned media says so. And yet morally and intellectually challenged characters are required to pull it off. This is common knowledge to our well-informed brethren, many of whom now wonder if pedophilia is a precondition of holding public office for the blackmail leverage alone. This idea brings me back to the Trump “pussy” issue, and how despite the media spoon-feeding it to the public as some kind of deal-breaker, to the thinking individual, it should imply quite the opposite. Most of our leadership in the last few decades have been members of secret societies, and the initial price of membership is usually some bizarre ritual which necessarily incudes the pledge to divulge, to the entire group, their deepest, darkest secrets. Too naïve to realize this is for blackmail purposes used to uphold a zero tolerance policy in the defection department, those seeking membership comply. That all they have on Trump is this secretly made recording in that area speaks volumes. If there was more to be had, it would be on every channel, every day. It isn’t, but that hasn’t stopped an endless barrage of absurd fabrications from filling the void.

The history of what became the Clinton Crime family has been well documented for decades, beginning with using Arkansas as a hub for drug smuggling, myriad sexual assaults that got Bill impeached, numerous corruption scandals surrounding Hillary, and the trail of nearly 50 dead bodies left in their wake. And that’s all long before Benghazi and the email scandals. Does that mean the Clinton’s are globalists? Not necessarily. According to long-time associate of the Clintons, Dick Morris, Hillary’s corruption went into overdrive after they both lost their licenses to practice law (due to corruption), severely limiting their ability to financially continue the “good life” public office had exposed them to. This led Hillary to offer the only thing they had left for sale—access and influence. In other words, when it comes to globalism, Hillary isn’t a true believer—she’s a useful idiot whose character flaws can be opportunized in the globalist’s favor. Her loyalty isn’t to the agenda, it’s to the financial rewards of aiding that agenda. She’s the kind of morally and intellectually “competent incompetence” they need in the White House to get the job done. Their own emails deriding her, recently leaked by wikileaks, confirm this. The moment she is no longer in a position to further their agenda is the moment they will disown her. My advice to the FBI on the matter of their current investigation, is to offer her immunity in exchange for flipping on the globalists. Her ailing health, scandal-plagued candidacy and poor public support in reality have them already starting to turn on her, and “draining the swamp” will require scraping off the scum stuck to the sides at the top, lest it re-infect the water again.

Leaked emails have shown that globalists involved in her campaign encouraged Trump to run, simply because they thought it would make it easier for her to win. I have to admit that in the beginning, I thought they were right. It wasn’t until I personally listened to what Trump had to say for myself, instead of listening to what the media was saying about Trump, that a very different picture began to emerge. Right off the bat he understood the American public was at a severe disadvantage to getting at the truth because of the corrupt media. He knew vaccines caused autism and financially backed Jenny Mccarthy’s vaccine/autism awareness campaign. He knew the drought in California was being manufactured in so far as officialdom draining millions of gallons of usable irrigation water into the ocean based on phony “sustainability” measures. He knew our financial security and national sovereignty were being destroyed through globalist-written trade deals and open border policies. He knows who is really responsible for ISIS, and he knows that “global warming” is a fraud. He also understands that the insanity behind provoking a war with Russia has brought us closer to WW3 than ever.

He knew there were problems, but like so many Americans he began to educate along the way, he quickly grew to understand the problems were bigger and more widespread than previously thought. To his credit, rather than scare him off, it has only emboldened him. He is a threat to the establishment for all the same reasons that people like returning veterans and constitutionalists were put on the domestic terrorist watch list: he has self-determination. Moreover, he intends to use that self-determination to ensure it is protected for everyone in this country. Anyone who understands what the globalist agenda is, and what it is ultimately intended to lead to, automatically knows two very important things about Trump. First, the entire globalist house of cards is built on a web of secrecy he despises and can’t dismantle fast enough, and second, virtually every policy he has vowed to either undo or institute, will deal crippling blows to an agenda that a Hillary presidency is designed to help install, fast-track and solidify.


Cynicism is death to progress because it encourages inaction. It tells us “don’t bother because it won’t change anything,” immediately disarming the self-determined individual. To the cynics who insist that nothing Trump has thus far said or done indicates he will actually make good on his promises, let me ask: If a genuinely decent human being who WOULD drain the swamp were to run for office, how would you know?—what actions, traits or qualities would you expect them to exhibit? When it comes to the deep-rooted cynics, we already know the answer: “there will never be a decent human being running for President in this country because globalists won’t allow it.” That is and will remain a cynical response to a fair question, even though leaked emails have already shown the only reason Trump was encouraged to run was to ensure an easier victory for globalists—he was meant to be “fluff”. This has backfired in ways they clearly weren’t prepared for and the ensuing mayhem on their part has been wonderful to witness. For those of us willing to look beyond the cynicism, hearing 20,000 people at a Trump rally chant “lock her up” in unison is like hearing a choir of angels sing—remarkable, unprecedented, and extremely inspiring.

However, I do disagree that a genuine presidential candidate running for office in this country is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Americans. Years ago, before Kevin Smith had me on his show, we spoke on the phone for a couple of hours about various topics as part of his vetting process no doubt. When the conversation turned to politics I explained my belief that throughout the ages there are rare but extremely pivotal moments in time where incredible change and course-correction are made possible, and the last one in this country was when Ross Perot ran for president. Perot ran for office not long after I graduated from high school and the similarities between he and Trump, as well as the establishment’s reaction to and treatment of both candidates, is like having déjà vu. Perot, much like Trump, was a self-funded doer—not a talker. He didn’t wait for the government to rescue POW’s (prisoners of war), instead he gathered a team and did it himself. The media response was to deride the man for the size of his ears while literally refusing to give him any air time. It was the most appalling thing I had ever seen and I almost became a political cynic myself. I remember Ross Perot slamming his wallet on the podium and saying, “I’m putting my wallet on the table for you people”. Few people cared because the opinion-forming media told them not to. Because he couldn’t get adequate air time through channels normally open to Presidential candidates, he personally paid for 30-minute infomercials to educate an already dumbed-down public about the reality of international affairs and their disastrous effects on the future of our nation if continued, including the profound job-killing and wealth-consuming damage of trade agreements like NAFTA. No one listened, and he was right.

For me personally, this is the SECOND time in my lifetime that a genuine moment for sorely needed course correction has presented itself, and even the remotest possibility that it may again be usurped, stolen or squandered, would be simultaneously mystifying and depressing if it wasn’t for the fact that the public of today is far more informed than those of Ross Perot’s candidacy. This, in my view, is the result of a cross between an internet connecting millions of people with a more honest version of reality, and individual experiences—the personal experiences of having lived through what is only the beginning of the globalist nightmare. They have lived through their loved ones getting sick and dying from contaminated drinking water. They have lived through their children dying, becoming paralyzed, sterile or autistic after a vaccine. They have lived through being stripped of their health, wealth, jobs, assets, personal freedoms, privacy and right to self-determine their own futures. Some have even survived the hell of radiation exposure from a Fukushima multiple reactor meltdown that now threatens kill off an entire ocean. Others looked on helplessly while their loved ones were murdered by foreign agents on US soil while trying to protect their land from federal overreach. They have lived through the funerals of their sons and daughters who went off to fight bravely in wars started over a lie. Presently, many millions of people are living through watching helplessly as globalists push us closer to WW3 because it suits their agenda in the destruction of competing realities at ANY cost. Still, the cynic will persist in believing a shadow government, whose entire agenda rests on secrecy, actually wants Trump to repeatedly out them and their agenda to millions and millions of people across the world, not just this country.


In a moment I’m going to attach Trump’s stunning Gettysburg Address. If you haven’t watched it I can’t recommend it enough, but even if you have, I recommend watching again with the following points in mind. The globalist agenda seeks to install a global fascist corporate police state that will eventually culminate into a global Technocracy. This will mean the literal end of free will on this planet, requiring a transition in this country especially, away from a Republic to a socialist Democracy (already nearly complete) which will then be transitioned to a more communist bent before the full implementation of Technocracy. For those not familiar with what a Technocracy is and means, I will include an excellent presentation directly after the Gettysburg Address. Perhaps most importantly however, this transition relies heavily on the phony green or “sustainability” movement of which Agenda 21/Agenda 2030 are the core foundations—what many rightfully refer to as the globalist’s new one world religion. This will be replete with a modern version of inquisitions, witch-hunts, thought police and compliance henchman, and we see this beginning already with globalists in government currently calling for “climate deniers” to be punished. The emergence of ANY “green” party in this country should be highly suspect, and while Jill Stein might actually mean well, repeating the globalist mantra of “rising sea levels” isn’t doing her any favors. Bernie Sanders was the socialist candidate, but even he won’t be nearly as useful to them as the obedient-for-a-buck Clinton—the same Clinton who cheerfully proclaimed on national television how glad she was that the globalist CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) moved their office closer so she wouldn’t have to walk as far to get her marching orders.

Below are bullet points of the absolutely anti-globalist policies Trump has promised to initiate while simultaneously vowing to void several of their already installed policies. Listen and decide for yourself. Yes, we know they are trying to steal the election, but attempting to do something and being successful at it are two very different things. The sheer numbers of awake Americans supporting Trump tells me we have an excellent shot at stealing it back. All it requires is that we show up and vote. Because the numbers are on our side, this might be one of the first elections in a very long time where our vote really does matter–more than ever. Voting is easy, takes very little time, and is several factors easier than change through civil war. The sleeping giant isn’t just awake and stirring, it’s angry. At the end I have also posted a video made by someone purported to be an insider working with and through wikileaks and other internal elements to prevent the Clinton coup d’etat commonly referred to as her presidency. Whether it’s true or not I can’t say, so until we know otherwise or for certain, we still need to do our part. Besides, as our founding fathers understood after a 700-year history with oppression, the price of liberty is vigilance. In a spirit representative of how so many Americans and others around the world currently feel, I’ll leave you with a quote from Michael Moore of all people:

“Donald Trump’s election is going to be the biggest fuck you ever recorded in human history, and it will feel good.”


  • Cancel billions of dollars in payments to UN climate change programs—invest the funds in rebuilding our own infrastructure
  • Announce intention to totally renegotiate NAFTA or withdraw from the deal under Article 2205
  • Withdraw from the Trans Pacific Partnership
  • Direct Secretary of Treasury to label China a currency manipulator
  • Direct Secretary of Commerce and Trade Reps to identify all foreign trade abuses that unfairly impact American workers and end those abuses immediately
  • Lift the restrictions on the production of $50 trillion worth of job-producing American energy reserves
  • Break up the media monopolies
  • A Constitutional Amendment to impose term limits on ALL members of Congress
  • A hiring freeze on all federal employees to reduce federal workforce through attrition
  • A requirement that for every new federal regulation, two existing regulations must be eliminated
  • A 5-yr ban on White House and congressional officials from becoming lobbyists after leaving office
  • A lifetime ban on White House officials lobbying on behalf of foreign governments
  • A complete ban on foreign lobbyists raising money for American elections
  • An end to the disastrous Common Core education scheme
  • Repeal and replace the globalist take-over of our health through Obamacare
  • Protect rights to free speech and right to bear arms
  • Immediate canceling of illegal and un-Constitutional Executive Orders
  • Ensuring pro-Constitution judges are appointed to the Supreme Court











Crystal Clark on GUY NEXT DOOR SPEAKS with Ivan Oyola December 11, 2015.

12241595_10207770796375091_3191654558559473105_nCrystal Clark on GUY NEXT DOOR SPEAKS with Ivan Oyola December 11, 2015.

We discuss the confluence of multiple globalist agendas, their short term outcomes, and the ultimate inevitability for mankind if current trends prevail and persist.

Direct link to Crystal Clark podcast:…/guy_next_door_speaks_episod…

Please visit Ivan’s website at and listen to some of his other amazing guests and podcasts.

Special thanks to Patrice of for uploading to youtube and sharing. Please visit his site and peruse his excellent selection of alternative media resources.


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253334_10151928778413098_1528044584_nIt was a pleasure joining the folks on The Plane Truth via the Time Monk Radio Network. Those who prefer the MP3 file can find the download link on the youtube video. You can listen to more of their shows and join discussion threads via the links below:

NOTE: Two events of significance have occurred since the interview was initially recorded that pertain to topics discussed during the show:

  1. Dec 4, 2014: Behind the White House’s political smokescreen in Ferguson and New York, US lawmakers were busy sliding through a pre-declaration of war against Russia.
  2. Are we finally getting closer to discovering some of the environmental mechanisms causing the “mytochondrial dysfunction” the EPA continually *blames* for Autism, but never actually investigates? Let’s hope so. Dec 4, 2014: Autism Bomb: Bayer Herbicide Causes Autism, Even at Trace Levels



It’s always a pleasure joining Dale on Dale-After-Dark. 🙂 Links to sources mentioned during the show are provided on the youtube video. Here’s the direct link if the video fails to load: [NOTE: This is a re-upload as the first was removed from youtube for a copyright claim filed against the host. If you enjoy the video please consider subscribing to Dale’s Channel]

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October 19, 2014 by Crystal Clark

This second essay addresses the order-out-of-chaos principle in global revisionism, its ties to the duplicitous establishment of the green or sustainable development movement, associated economic revisions, the duplicity of pandemic narratives, and the hypocrisy of spreading democracy via illegal wars on what remains of sovereign nations and peoples. This essay also begins to identify and address the revisionists responsible.


The definition of a reality revision is being re-posted below from the previous essay with a reminder that the purpose of reality revisionism is to quite literally eliminate the competition or competing reality—the reality standing in the way of the intended replacement.


“Reality revisions are agenda-driven and thereby fictitious narratives carefully scripted to revise an entire global reality in order to meet or fulfill that agenda. These are major, major paradigm shifts of generational proportions that summarily pre and re-define the future victor and victimhood status of billions. These shifts aren’t meant to change the perception and therefore direction of reality for a day, week, or months, but permanently.” — The Roles of Social Engineering and Perception Management in Reality Revisionism


Still largely unbeknownst to most, we live in world in which two competing realities are constantly struggling for full manifestation. As one of them seeks to wholly dominate and fully replace the other through various methods of suppression and eradication, while the other entirely rejects such notions to the degree of criminal prosecution, they cannot peacefully co-exist—ever.  As long as this struggle continues, so too will global war, famine, corruption, injustice and strife, and ultimately, the continued demise of our entire planetary civilization via the purposeful destruction of its life support systems. Mankind can no longer continue to participate in their own demise out of ignorance (of this war) and escape that demise at the same time.

This struggle is between the sovereign state, country or individual owning their own thought, action, and right to self-determination, and a private group of aspiring Caesars in the global governance regime they intend to replace the other reality with. This ultimate global reality revision cannot fully manifest without transferring, to itself, all of the sovereign power and freedoms of the other. Suffering numerous mattoid impediments, from the birth of this new and competing reality, the order-out-of-chaos principle thought necessary to achieve it was also born. From the previous essay:

“The events of 911 were a tipping point in a missive, GLOBAL reality revision meant to change the perception and therefore direction of reality permanently, and it isn’t the first. Repeatedly we were told these heinous acts of terrorism were committed by those who hate freedom and free people, which is the one thing they actually told the truth about. It’s important to remember that reality revisionists use these revisions to eliminate the competition or competing reality. It is an impossibility for an oppressive, elitist global government (for and by the elite) to establish itself among free peoples with governance established for and by the people. Their power ends where our freedoms begin—it’s like turning a dial—when you turn our freedoms down you turn their power up, and when you turn our freedoms up you dial their power down. These reality revisions are designed not to simply turn the freedom dial down, but to ultimately turn it off.”


In the same way our ignorance is their strength, and our individual freedoms inhibit their collective power, SO TOO IS OUR CHAOS THEIR ORDER—they cannot have the one without the other. In other words, what we view as unfolding global chaos is actually a carefully scripted and manufactured order—the current reality is being re-sculpted, redesigned and re-ordered.

I suspect this is most easily recognized in the ordered chaos of sovereign nations (competing realities) just before the reality revision of regime change (war) introduces them to the democracy narrative, allowing for the installation of a pro new order leader (hopeful legate) as in the recent attempt in Ukraine. That being after, of course, previous successful regime changes (reality revisions) made in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, ect, ect.

Perhaps surprisingly, the order-out-of-chaos principle has been playing out over and over again in the margins of society through Hollywood movies consistently representing this theme and characterized by a particular image:  a demonic or satanic figure standing triumphantly with a scorched and destroyed earth in the background. After watching these movies we often find ourselves wondering at the “logic” behind completely destroying a planet you then intend to rule over—what was the point? And yet, that is precisely the point of the order-out-of-chaos principle—the birth of a new civilization built on the ashes of the old one. Contemplation of the doctrine may conjure up images of the two-faced, Roman God Janus, for whom the month of January was named: God of beginnings, transitions and endings.

This principle includes the Hegelian dialectic, which is why we find pro new order officials (legionaries) espousing the benefits of “never letting a good crisis go to waste”. We also find world leaders (legates) publicly espousing the same for a coming new world order with a grin while their citizens are left to marvel at what is otherwise considered to be a profound and near complete lack of competence where any other matter of importance is concerned. Notice the recent proliferation of the ‘incompetence’ meme, especially where the ebola pandemic narrative is concerned, and yet, what is chaos (incompetence) to the fly is order for the spider (Caesar).

The Incompetence Meme: A Prolific Lateral Narrative Binder

The incompetence meme is a superior lateral narrative binder as it shifts thought patterns away from identifying nefarious intent, or the mindset behind planned chaos. The use of this narrative binder is aimed at preventing dissent from the official narrative by blocking or redirecting thought patterns that would otherwise lead to exposure. This isn’t to suggest that certain world leaders (legates) aren’t actually incompetent, but again, one man’s incompetence (chaos), is another man’s competent incompetence (order). The use of this particular later narrative binder is astonishingly prolific, being found in everything from complaints that Obama rarely attends national security briefings and is constantly on vacation, to the recent Washington Post article about the NBC News chief medical editor breaking a 21-day ebola quarantine to get ‘take-out food’. Currently, an internet search for the phrase “incompetence at Fukushima” doesn’t disappoint, and along those same lines one might wonder at a link between increasing police brutality and laws that prohibit the hiring those with a high IQ in the same profession. Regarding the latter, that too may be a lateral narrative binder being used to hide something else entirely.

The Hegelian Principle: An excerpt from THE MOST SECRET SCIENCE (1998 Edition), by Archibald E. Roberts, Lieutenant Colonel, AUS, retired

Revolutionaries in government have created economic chaos, shortages in food and fuel, confiscatory taxation, a crisis in education, the threat of war, and other diversions to condition Americans for The New World Order.

The technique is as old as politics itself. It is the Hegelian principle of bringing about change in a three-step process: Thesis, Antithesis and Synthesis.

The first step (thesis) is to create a problem. The second step (antithesis) is to generate opposition to the problem (fear, panic, hysteria). The third step (synthesis) is to offer the solution to the problem created in step one—change which would have been impossible to impose on the people without the proper psychological conditioning achieved in stages one and two.

Applying the Hegelian principle, and irresistible financial influence, concealed mattoids seek to dismantle social and political structures by which free men govern themselves—ancient landmarks erected at great cost in blood and treasure.

Their objective is to emasculate states, merge nations under universal government, centralize economic powers, and control the world’s people and resources.


“Will they blame the environmental holocaust on you and get away with it?” –Mr. George Hunt (1992)

Order-out-of-chaos methodology has several tentacles which necessarily include world banking and finance, and while purposefully creating chaos to destabilize the governments of other sovereign nations to achieve their new world (order) is today easily recognized, its driving force behind the “sustainable development” movement and the purposeful destruction (chaos) of the environment is not. The magnitude of duplicity and hypocrisy, within the movement and the ideologies of those behind its invention, is so monumental as to in fact be entirely antithetical to the entire concept of “sustainable”. If you can obtain a used copy of the previously referenced book, The Most Secret Science, the logo of the Tri-Lateral Commission (showing three arrows of purpose—similar to those in the recycling logo—looping back to a central core in the form of a triangle) is on the front, the book also including a complete list of known CFR and Tri-lateral Commission members at the time of its writing. The order-out-of-chaos and Hegelian stratagems also seem heavily influenced by the Janus archetype (or perhaps vice-versa), and can be found even in the rebranding (transition) of the global warming myth:

  1. Thesis/Beginning: Greenhouse gasses/global warming [Manufactured crisis via geo-engineering]
  2. Antithesis/Transition: Climate change [Rebranded after the IPCC email release or Climategate scandal]
  3. Synthesis/Ending: Geo-engineering/solar dimming/solar remediation [The cause of the problem now being sold as the solution; parallels can be found with the Ebola vaccine in the current pandemic narrative]

Despite intermittent sound quality issues, readers may not only find the following video exceptionally helpful before moving on, but an excellent companion to the discussion in the next section. Successful reality revisionism navigation requires, at the very least, a basic understanding of the new world order philosophy behind these revisions. Is it a conspiracy? Yes. Is it a theory? No, and one would think that would be obvious when the conspirators themselves have repeatedly and publicly discussed it by name. I refer to it as ‘the new world order’ in deference to those constructing it—that’s what they call it.

This video, just under 10 minutes, begins with David Rockefeller (purportedly addressing the Tri-lateral Commission in June of 1991), thanking various MSM outlets—specifically the Washing Post, New York Times, and Time Magazine—for their 40-yrear silence which was so instrumental in avoiding the public scrutiny that would have inhibited their plans for the world—not your plans —a march towards global government. Several world leaders and politicians are in the video openly discussing the designs and progress of this new order, with former President Bush Sr. admitting this new world order is “fulfilling the promise and vision of the UN’s founders,” and former Prime Minister Gordon Brown espousing the new world order and its associated great resetting of economies. David Rockefeller and his contributing foundations are referenced throughout, including a scene of Rockefeller questioning Dick Cheney over free trade agreements, with a giddy Cheney explaining that while having been a longtime CFR member, even a director at one point, he never mentioned it while campaigning for re-election in Wyoming.


I recently came across the presentation of a Mr. George Hunt, originally produced in 1992, and found it highly significant when viewed through over 20 years of hindsight, and in a video just over 30 minutes no less. Before I share it here I would like to repost the recent comments of an Australian politician coming to understand the gravity and consequence to sovereign nations, including her own, of what he and others were trying to warn the world about so long ago. The following can be found in a previous article which includes the video of Ann Bressington’s presentation:

Of additional importance in this regard (beginning at the 1:03.55 mark), the Australian politician Ann Bressington begins to explain the 1968 origins of Agenda 21 via the Club of Rome–a think tank tasked with a crisis that would unite the world and condition us to accept global [NWO] solutions to local problems. Take note of her use of the term “social engineering” during this speech. She goes on to recount the following:

In 1997 Mikhail Gorbachev, also a member of the Club of Rome, said, “We are moving toward a New World Order—the world of communism. And we shall never turn off that road…the environmental crisis will be the international disaster that will unlock the New World Order one world government.” She further outlined it was during the 1992 Earth Summit that a document known as The Earth Charter was produced. This document was co-written by Maurice Strong [Club of Rome] and Mikhail Gorbachev. Both stated it was hoped this document would be adopted as the new 10 commandments with environmentalism as the new one world religion. She later quotes Ted Turner [Club of Rome], an outspoken advocate of depopulation, echoing the same sentiments on the Georgia guide stones encouraging a 95% reduction in global population.

Beyond the biography Mr. George Hunt provided over 20 years ago in the following presentation I know nothing more about him. At the time he recorded the VHS tape in 1992 in a Colorado video studio, he claimed to be a Business Consultant, College teacher of Small Business Management in Boulder, Colorado, and an environmental business owner. He recounts his dealings with those behind the sustainable development program, his surprise at seeing very powerful interests attend a local environmental meeting he officially hosted in 1987—some having attended other similar events throughout the country—and what he came to see as the ultimate hypocrisy and danger behind the environmental movement.

While Mr. Hunt certainly had personal opinions about the situation, which he freely shared in the video, those opinions were based on facts—not suppositions. Aside from providing audio/video recording evidence of Edmond de Rothchild and Maurice Strong (reality revisionists) being behind the environmental sustainability (order-out-of-chaos) movement, he included copies of newspaper articles and program agendas that are held up to the camera so the viewer may personally read them. At the time he was selling copies of the printed material along with the video tape.

The material being of critical importance to understanding our current predicament, aside from the brief review provided as it pertains to current topics, it will also be referred to in future essays. I highly recommend the video be downloaded and mirrored elsewhere before it gets wiped in the next round of internet scrubbing, or digital reality revisionism through electronic removal of virtually seditious material.

Mr. Hunt was witness to their two-faced turnings and rightfully highlights their preference for decree over democratic processes, a theme that can be found echoing louder in the body politic of today in everything from excessive executive orders blurring the lines between the executive and legislative branches of government, to several global trade treaties that have little to do with actual trade. As expressed in the previous essay, these treaties are critical factors to finalizing their system of global governance. Those familiar with the current Trans Pacific Partnership (or its regional/global counterparts) are aware the contents of the treaties are being written in (and kept) secret, even from congress and parliament members.

“This video will show strong evidence that the persons running the UNCED Earth Summit are actually setting a net to place the power over the earth and its peoples into their hands…Brave, bold deeds are needed by the public quickly. Once governments sign their treaties, their citizens are de jure in the hands of the world order.”

–Mr. George Hunt, 1992

Review of Mr. George Hunt’s Video:

UNCED (pronounced un-said) stands for United Nations Committee for Environment and Development. The UNCED logo for the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1992, as shown in the video, included a hand formed to look like a dove holding the earth in its hands. The image was accompanied by the phrase: IN OUR HANDS. At this point Mr. Hunt rightfully asks: In whose hands?  

Several connections were made between the banking industry and the sustainable development sham (reality revision being used to transfer more individual sovereign power over to the new order), with notable banking figures attending his 1987 meeting in Colorado. This was 15 years after the first environmental congress ever held in Sweden in 1972, and 5 years before the UNCED appearance at the 1992 World Summit in Brazil.

Below is a partial list of attendees and other influential characters he referenced in the video:

  • David Rockefeller-Attendee
  • Edmond de Rothchild-Attendee
  • Secretary of state Baker (then Secretary of the Treasury)-Attendee
  • Maurice Strong-Attendee
  • Waste company management chairman and EPA Administrator William Ruckelshaus-Attendee
  • UN Secretary General —Attendee
  • Various other Word Bank and IMF Officials-Attendees
  • *Cecil Rhodes (Historical character whose views on race and imperialism were celebrated by attendees)
  • *David Lang (Montreal International Investment Banker)—Attendee


Celebrated ideologies of global governance revisionists not only despise competing self-governance and individual freedom ideologies, but also despise the people themselves—what they refer to as the lesser classes or races. So fueled by this disdain, the reach of its bloated and irrational contempt has been rigging elections all over the globe for decades as a result, the latest in Scotland over an *independence* referendum.  Rigged elections are reality revisions, a form of de facto decree being handed down by an illegitimate cabal working to solidify its place by creating a new reality placing them in power, the consumption of one reality by the other growing with each new revision. The process is similar to a racist, oppressive, individual freedom-hating virus invading the cells of a foreign host, slowly altering them until they too have become another virus.

At the 7:50 mark Hunt plays a video snippet of David Lang (Montreal International Investment Banker) decreeing that the environmental and economic activities of the world order not be shared with the public. As seen/heard in the video:

“I suggest therefore that this be sold not through a democratic process—that would take too long and require far too much of the funds to educate the cannon fodder, unfortunately, which populates the earth. We have to take an almost elitist program. That we can see beyond our swollen bellies and look to the future, in time frames and in results, which are not easily understood, or which can be, with intellectual honesty, be reduced down to simplistic definition.“

Those familiar with the United Nations Agenda for the 21st Century program (Agenda 21–previously referenced by Australian politician Ann Bressington), are already well aware that bypassing normal channels of debate or the ‘democratic process’ is precisely how the program is being handled—by decree. Rosa Koire, author of Behind the Green Mask, is an excellent resource for information on Agenda 21, how it is being enacted in (y)our local communities, and also how its doctrine subsumes individuality in favor of a globalist collective.  Those who watched Hunt’s video will recall him outlining the difference between the first, second, third, and “fourth world” discussed by people like Maurice Strong—the Fourth World referring to the new order having absorbed all of the others and being the only, and final world left:

“Yogis and Shamans refer to it as the 4th World Wilderness—the lostness of the mind. The lostness of the mind refers to the collective consciousness—persons will be coerced through lies, drugs, fear and pain to surrender themselves and their ego to the collective consciousness [global governance]. The 4th World will be much like a return to Caesars or Babylon…” –George Hunt

At the 5:45 mark Hunt shows copies of material handed out by the Secretariat for World Order to attendees of an environmental meeting held in Des Moines, Iowa, which stated the following:

We are living sponsors of the great Cecil Rhodes Will of 1877, in which Rhodes devoted his fortune to the expansion of British rule throughout the world, and colonization by British subjects of the entire continent of Africa, the Holy Land, the Valley of Euphrates, the islands of Cypress and Candia, the whole of South America, islands of the Pacific not heretofore possessed by Great Britian, the whole of the mele archipelago, the seaboard of China and Japan, and the ultimate recovery of the United States of America as an integral part of the British Empire. We stand with Lord Milner’s Credo—we too are British race patriots and our patriotism is the speech, the traditions, the principles, the aspirations of the British race. Do you fear to take this stand at this very last moment when this purpose can be realized? Do you not see that failure now is to be pulled down by the billions of lilliputians of lesser race who care little or nothing for the anglo-saxon system?

While the entire planet is meant to be absorbed into the new order or 4th World, orchestrated crises (chaos) in Africa in the last year have been increasingly used as the means through which foreign troops may be sent for the “humanitarian aid” (order) that will save them from their entirely manufactured chaos. There are accounts that the current ebola pandemic narrative is the second attempt at a reality revision in this regard, after the first Boko Haram narrative failed—the #BringBackOurGirls campaign based on the hoaxed kidnapping of Nigerian schoolgirls by terrorists.

The following was originally reported via CNN in early October:

  • The Ebola outbreak in Africa is spreading quickly.
  • The defense department is increasing the number of troops it’s sending to West Africa to help fight the deadly virus.
  • With three thousand troops already tapped to head to Ebola ravaged West Africa, CNN has learned the US military is increasing its fight against the deadly disease. Hundreds more are being added to the plans to help the infected countries contain and control Ebola.

These methods have also been tested twice in the last year here in the United States via two separate crises deliberately manufactured as the pretext for UN troops to occupy and operate freely on American soil in the name of humanitarian aid. The first was the Detroit water crisis, the second being the current ebola pandemic narrative. Moreover, this essay would be remiss not to draw attention to the plethora of narrative binders increasingly being used, even in the form of color-coded NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), linking together the ebola, overpopulation and ‘green’ movement (sustainable development) narratives. Ebola alone is not the issue—what the ebola narrative is being used to accomplish through order-out-of-chaos methodology—even if only a perceived chaos—is the issue.

Additional duplicitous attempts to link overpopulation, financial instability and environmental/sustainable narratives can be found in everything from Bill Gates’ involvement in vaccine-related population reduction programs with some ‘kill Granny to save money for schools’ narratives on the side, to increasingly “incompetent” CDC and EPA rulings and behaviors, refusal to apply the ‘precautionary principle’ equally to all new chemicals, gmo products, bio, nano, nuclear and atmospheric sciences, or even refusal to apply the law equally to everyone. How it became legal to literally steal *trillions* of dollars under the lawless “Too-Big-To-Fail-or-Jail” umbrella is a testament to how near that long-awaited new governance already is. The framework necessary to exempt themselves from criminal prosecution is already in place.

Other hypocrisies include the insertion of carbon emission minders and taxes into a reality in which the single greatest nuclear meltdown in known history is being summarily ignored—in both press coverage and mitigation. Families attempting to become healthier and self-sufficient by growing and supplying their own food and milk to ensure it stays free of toxic pesticides, genetically modified organisms and hormones, are being jailed after their property is destroyed by SWAT team raids, while criminal banking enterprises and corporations destroying entire eco-systems for generations to come are simply fined and allowed to carry on with business as usual. Additionally, this all before we even get to the Planned Obsolescence (chaos) business model based on the cognitive dissonance between an infinite growth ideology on a planet with finite resources. Then again, is it really cognitive dissonance or the competent incompetence being rebranded as a ‘capability gap’?


There is a final point of importance to be made and observed in this area, something Mr. Hunt touched on in his extremely succinct yet short video: Is the New World Order really saving us from ourselves? Without a doubt, THAT is the most important question of our time—the uber or super question—the one that those suffering from lostness of mind must, despite the best efforts of their competitors, come to know the answer to before they too are swallowed up by it. I once met someone heavily involved in this agenda, who openly shared their mindset with me:

“People are a bunch of goddamned sheep. They have to be told when to eat, and they have to be told when to stop. They have to be lead back out to the pasture every day because they are too caught up in their own immediate needs and wants to remember where it is from the day before.”

This was also the first person to explain, “the bad guys always tell you what they are going to do before they do it,” and they were absolutely right. Yet there is an obscurity in this that people get stuck on in trying to explain it. This is true even of those whose lives are focused on realizing this new world, when using it as their own excuse or pardon for the “necessity” of the obscene crimes against humanity used to implement it. This obscurity lies in the idea that they broadcast what they are going to do before they do it to give people an opportunity to stop it, but also, they continue to do it because they believe the inherent cowardice of lesser race or pedigree prevents people from stopping them. Given my own life experiences and the current state of affairs on this planet, sans the racial attribution, I am in complete agreement that cowardice has definitely been a major factor in their largely unhindered rise to power.  Given the numbers in the equation alone, how could it not be?

However, the “save them from themselves” philosophy in quasi toto is errantly clung to by a gross pomp—a formidable delusion of self-grandeur exaggerated to the point of logical impairment, rendering them extremely prone to a factual selectiveness.  That is to say, those who refuse to endure the personal crisis of facing the truth, simply re-write it until they can. Thus the gigantic whole in their pseudo savior philosophy always conjures up for me a famous quote by John Milton: They who have put out the people’s eyes reproach them of their blindness. In other words, they have purposefully injected untold quantities of neurotoxins, endocrine disrupters, radiation, cancerous food, medicine and chemicals into the landscape of our lives and development, while simultaneously ensuring education lacks factual cosmological models, basic understanding of intelligent design, is riddled with endless historical revisions, fallacies and nonsensical corporate pseudo-science—all of which encourage lostness of mind—and  now want to throw us away and under the bus because they consider us “lost”.

Mr. Hunt understood this—clearly. They have set the people on this planet up to fail and take the blame for the myriad of global tragedies, shortcomings, failures, poverty, lack, contamination, illness, social crises, war, strife, Frankenstein science, and even the catastrophic biosphere and biodiversity collapse currently underway that THEY are actually responsible for. Really think about that…can a sane mind even begin to comprehend the insanity of such a monstrous and backwards design? Considering those people are responsible for intentionally altering the course of an entire planetary race, stifling all forms of natural evolutionary progress and nearly bringing it to full ruin for the sole purpose of self-edification in the process, these people can’t save themselves out of a paper bag let alone save anyone else.


Mr. Hunt was incredibly thorough and left few stones unturned, including the roles of New Age philosophies (currently promoting destruction of individual ego and do-nothing cowardice) and the associated GAIA worship being instituted to further the agenda of their new order. Both are heavily managed misdirects being socially engineered into our lives via endless forms of perception management.

True to the Hegelian principle, Rothchild was positioned to be the positive synthesis of both environmentalism on the one hand—the thesis—and growth and development on the other hand— the antithesis—and that specific Rothchild combination, including the Rockefellers and most world capitalists, aim to control the global environment and development movement as the synthesis, with power moving into the house of Rothchild. This would be the same house (E.L. Rothschild LLC) that acquired a majority stake in Weather Central, LP in recent years, and Hunt also discussed their decades-old plan to suck aquifers dry and turn California (a major food basket) into a desert—a plan that, through exposure Hunt helped to create at the time, was initially thwarted in the early days by the public.

“The world order wants to create a new society out of the ashes of the chaos—a collectivist Fourth World, complete with a collectivist religion, collectivist finance, and unchecked world national socialism. The new order will offer Gaia—mother earth—to the masses as the big brother image to worship in the Fourth World. Maurice Strong has already set up a 140,000 acre ranch in Crestone, Colorado, to develop this earth religion system. Projects are funded by the Rockefeller fund and other foundations. The Earth Summit (of 1992) will link environment to industry. The lords of the UNCED conference will be the masters of who gets what, and when, if we don’t do something about it quickly.”

The order-out-of-chaos environmental movement was invented by Edmond de Rothchild, funded by the Rockefellers and others, and globally marketed by Maurice Strong who was heavily rewarded for his efforts:

“Maurice Strong, a UN Official and employee of Rockefeller and Rothchild trusts and projects, convened the first environmental congress in Stockholm , Sweden, in 1972. By 1992 Maurice Strong was the Secretary General and convener of UNCED at the World Summit Meeting.”


Mr. Hunt didn’t believe it was too late then, and over twenty years later I still share those same sentiments. Even so, it is certainly much, much later than it was before.

In summary, the fact of the matter is, there are, and always have been, two completely different realities competing for full manifestation. I ask you once more to give them both, and their inevitable outcomes, some serious consideration and deliberation while the choices are easier to make and still available. The crossroad is on (y)our doorstep, so please, share this information with others so they may do the same. Do we really want to live in a world where our personal right to self-determination—and everything that right represents—has been written out of the script? —The Roles of Perception Management & Social Engineering in Reality Revisionism