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“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read or write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and re-learn.” –Alvin Toffler

Given how much progress has been made in the last decade towards that long hoped-for and lauded “great awakening” so badly needed, not only for our betterment and continued evolution, but also for our long-term well-being and even survival, I thought it was time to go back to the beginning. The following story is from my first book, Who Are We Really 101, which was released publicly in 2009. The book is no longer in print, but those who have read it will recall this story as the Foreword:

“I once lived in a small village in the middle of a vast desert. This village was a lush and green oasis because it was fed by an underground stream which came to the surface in a large pool in the center of the village. No one knew the origin of the stream that sustained us, but we depended on it just the same. it gave us many fish to eat, wild grasses, and grew lush vegetation with many kinds of sweet fruit.

Even though we were well provide for, I became increasingly aware that something was missing from our teachings, and began to question those teachings aloud to the Elders of our village. They became upset with my constant questions, they had no answers to them, and they did not like that I challenged their authority openly. As a result of my curiosity, word soon spread through the village that I was a trouble-maker who had no respect for authority or for the teachings of our Elders.

One day I awoke early and went outside our dwelling to fetch some water, when I suddenly tripped and fell over something! I looked down and saw a large rock, which had a small scroll attached to it with some dried reed twine. I opened the scroll, and this is what it said: the answers you seek can be found in the desert nearby, underneath the large stones that live there. I looked around to see who might have left this scroll, but saw no one. I hid the scroll and thought about its meaning for many months. But my hunger for the truth would not let me rest until I had turned over every stone in the desert, this I knew.

I began to share my desire to explore this desert with the Elders. They laughed at me and said, “Now we know you are mad! If the heat does not kill  you, the lack of sustenance will! The journey is long, and there will be no one there to give food and water to someone even as mad as you. Besides, even if you manage to to get as far as where the sand meets the sky, you will surely fall to your death because the world is flat, and there lies the end of it!” In bewilderment I replied, “How do you know this, have you yourselves taken this journey before me?” They shook their heads, each of them, and said, “We know by the words of our ancestors, your Great Elders who came before us. For what purpose would they deceive us?”

I thought on their words many days, but I remained true to my heart. As I began to prepare for my long journey into the the desert to overturn the stones of truth and wisdom, I was shunned by many in my village for my refusal to believe all the teachings that had been passed down to us by our ancestors. I went on my long journey to the desert, I found the large stones the scroll spoke of, and I overturned as many as I could before I had to return to my village. In all, my journey took me 20 days.

When I got back to my village, I could tell by the looks on their faces they did not think I would return. At first there was silence as I walked past them. Soon the silence became like a hush on the wind as they whispered among themselves while I walked back to my dwelling for a much needed rest. After two days of rest, I again woke early to fetch some water. When I stepped outside my dwelling, I found the entire village sitting outside my door. They cried out to me, “What happened to you in the desert?! What did you find? Tell us! Tell us!”

And to this day, my answer is always the same: “I cannot just tell you what I found for you will not believe me and will again call me mad. You must go and see for yourselves! And when you return, together we will share in the joys and sorrows of your discoveries.”

You may be asking yourselves if the story of my journey through the desert to find the stones of truth and wisdom is actually true. Of that I will let you be the judge. Perhaps the more important question is whether my journey is now, or will become, your journey? And what a fantastic journey it is.”


A colleague I met after writing the book, and with whom I did joint radio shows/interviews for several years afterwards, often used to say that until people go three days without food and water, they will not wake up–they will need to personally suffer from a circumstance to understand the severity of it, and only then will they act to change it. Similar recent themes center on the idea that only when people are on the precipice of destruction will they act. We don’t really like to believe that, but the reality of it was expressed in a previous essay titled, THE APPEASER FEEDS THE CROCODILE IN THE HOPES IT WILL EAT HIM LAST:

Not long after the financial/housing crash of 2008 I watched two news pundits interview a woman (whose name I can’t recall) about the reality of the crash. The severity of the event was constantly shrouded in confusion by the media, so they asked her to clarify whether the crash was a small recession or a full-on depression. Her reply was a marvelous truism. From the everyday perspective of the general public, ‘if it’s YOUR house getting foreclosed on, it’s a recession. But if it’s MY house getting foreclosed on, it’s a depression’.

Here we are twelve years later in the midst of another contrived crisis (being opportunized as another society-transforming event) and I can’t seem to shake the feeling of deja vu. The following comes from an article titledPro-BLM Mayor Cries “Domestic Terrorism” After Her Home Vandalizedand sums it up perfectly:

Fueling the mob is all fun and games until it turns on you.

A mayor from Washington state who has been supportive of the Black Lives Matter movement — even as it has, at times, descended into rioting, looting, arson, and killing in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death — cried “domestic terrorism” after vandals damaged her home.

There’s also this little gem from an article titled, CHANGE OF HEART: Portland Mayor Says ‘I Don’t Want an Autonomous Zone’ After Protesters Target His Home:

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler shut-down the prospect of an ‘Autonomous Zone’ in his city just hours after protesters targeted his home; calling the cop-free area a “distraction” from the cause

When it comes to leftist mayors paving the way for globalism in their communities using Marxist/Leninist/Stalinist tactics, it’s all just a cutesy, super fun block party, as long as it’s YOUR home, neighborhood, business, property or statues being destroyed, but it’s domestic terrorism (!) when its THEIR home, neighborhood, business, property or statues being destroyed. Now that these two mayors understand the crocodile will eat them too, they aren’t so sure they want to keep feeding it.

But why? WHY is just a recession if it’s your house getting foreclosed on, but a full-on depression if it’s my house? WHY is it just a cutesy block party when it’s someone else’s home or business being destroyed, burned down, looted or vandalized, but it’s full-on domestic terrorism when it’s your property being so adversely affected? For now, let’s just chalk it up Cognitive Dissonance and admit the reality of it and what that reality ultimately means, as exasperating as it is: personal suffering plays a major role in the individual awakening process because without it, ‘you can’t get there from here’.

In fact, most honest people will tell you that the road to “enlightenment” isn’t full of unicorns, glitter, song, bonfires on the beach, poetry readings and cool ‘free’ stuff–nor does it require the individual to surrender their own personal ego or identity to a collective. Rather the entire point of an awakening, is to see reality AS IT IS–not the heavily managed perception of it. To see, honestly, who we have been, who we are now, and who we may become–the good and the bad. To see, honestly, what reality was in the past, what it is now, and the possibilities for what it may look like in the future. While we seemingly have an endless stream of malcontents blanketing over reality with managed perceptions more amenable to nefarious agenda, we also have a habit of doing it ourselves, to ourselves and others. And that, of course, brings us right back to what it often takes to shake people out of it. Notice that I chose my words carefully there–often does not mean always.

It is often true that you can’t just tell a person what reality is because they must see and/or experience it for themselves. People have a tendency to avoid going where they aren’t ready to go, and seeing what they aren’t ready to see. Despite this, you can, however, help them to become ready. Veteran reality miners refer to this as the ‘slow drip’, and while i’m aware that what i’m about to say next is a paradox wrapped in an oxymoron, believe it or not, the slow drip can actually speed up the awakening process both faster and exponentially.


None of us–and I mean none of us–are fully reality literate. Too much has been hidden from too many for too long by people who are themselves incapable of understanding the true and long-term consequences of their actions, meaning that they too, more than most, are not fully reality literate. This is true to the degree I felt compelled to come up with the term “reality miner” as a means to better address it. The true nature of our reality has been buried so deep, for so long, under so many layers (decade upon decade, century upon century) of social engineering and perception management sludge that one has to dig through it all relentlessly, for years on end, just to find a few golden nuggets.

That being said, I won’t mince words–veteran reality miners are tired of the drip and want desperately to rip the band-aid off–and I mean desperately. Yet we also know that it won’t do much good. For the most part we know this because we have tried, to some degree or another, and the more you push people to see what they aren’t ready to see, or go where they aren’t ready to go, the harder they push back–and going backwards isn’t an option for us. The way of the drip appears to be our only option going forward then, at least for now. The drip has a specific goal or purpose, and because it has been happening for so long and already reached so many people, its purpose is close to being fulfilled.

I would also point out, in deference to the idea that you never interrupt your enemy when they are making a mistake, the drip may also include delayed reactions. In other words, because you can’t simply ‘tell’ people how far the wrong kind of people will go if you give them too much power, you then have no choice but to give them more power so the world can then watch them abuse it. And they have. Predictably and relentlessly–openly and happily. The Tiny Tyrant parade and race to the top of rotten would become our ‘new normal’ if they had their way and enough power to make it happen. People can see that now.



Once the choice is made to use the slow drip, the next obvious question is WHAT to drip–a remarkably difficult task no doubt, given how much there actually is to expose. When you are working with a society that isn’t reality literate and even further divided into multiple sub-groups that aren’t even reading from the same book, how do you go about  getting them on the same page–where is the common ground?

There are certain things that nearly every human being on earth, with the exception of the perpetrators themselves, finds so revolting and unacceptable they will refuse to tolerate it under any circumstance. At the top of the list of course, is the sexual abuse and exploitation of children.

To put this into perspective, a year or so ago I listened to a gentlemen on a radio show, who, having been a victim of child sexual abuse himself,  made an extraordinary point  I will never forget. He explained the reason pedophiles are treated so badly by other inmates in prison: most of the inmates were themselves abused as children in some way, and therefore personally know what it does to a human being’s life, based on what it did to their own lives. Their hatred for pedophiles and child-killers is legendary.



The physical, ritual and sexual abuse and exploitation of children is, unquestionably to any right thinking person, aberrant and abhorrent. THAT is the common ground–the one thread you can pull that will unravel it all. And make no mistake–that thread IS being pulled. Hard. To that I would add, woe to the cover-uppers–that shameless gaggle of enablers we call the main stream press–and the buyers, procurers, sellers, and all else who were and are complicit. The days of the slow drip are soon coming to an end. The flood is about to begin, and the veteran reality miners out there who have been drowning in the absurdity of it all having lived for so long without seeing any accountability for it, are finally going to witness the scourge and filth of humanity get swept up and washed away. Or will they?

In modern history at the very least, never before has any nation on earth had a leader both brave enough to take the risk, and intelligent enough to understand the domino effect it will have–globally–until now. So many people haven’t been able to understand why this man has had to endure the abject hatred and vitriol he has been subjected to daily and relentlessly, especially by the press. It is really about trade deals, the global warming sham, and his unrelenting promise to put the good of his fellow citizens first, or is it really about something else? Isn’t it possible–probable even–that those screaming the loudest have the most to lose when the flood gates open? Of course it is.

There’s no question this will be one of the most important elections in the history of our country–perhaps even the world. Human trafficking is a multi-billion dollar industry that quite literally spans the globe, involving movie stars, spiritual advisers, media moguls, heads of industry, military contractors, politicians, diplomats and people in governments all over the world. And, unfortunately, the sexual abuse and exploitation of children isn’t the worst of their predilections. One thread unravels it all. They can’t afford for him to win again, and we can’t afford for him not to.

When writing my first book over a decade ago, I included a brief reference to the number of people that go missing in the United States alone. If I remember right, the figure was around 800,000 people–per year. Where do they go, and what happens to them? I thought then it was unbelievably bizarre given that we aren’t finding their bodies, but at the time I had no idea just how prolific the human trafficking, child pedophilia and slave labor issue was. It’s massive–absolutely massive.

Below is a two minute video of Cindy McCain (Senator John McCain’s widow) openly admitting they all knew what Epstein was doing, but that until now, nobody would do anything about it. Despite admitting this, she still can’t bring herself to use Trump’s name, but rather refers to “someone” instead–even after admitting her own daughter’s friend was an Epstein victim. I’ve taken the time to transcribe the video because, at the rate things like this are being black-holed, it isn’t likely to be around long.

EXPOSED: Cindy McCain admits ‘we all knew’ about Epstein! This should anger every American (January 25, 2020)

Cindy McCain: “Real quickly, to bring it home–we’re talking the about Jeffrey Epstein thing–he’s in hell I hope. I hope he’s in hell right now. He deserves to be. Um, a girl from my daughter’s high school was one of his victims. That’s how close it came to home to us, for us, on this. So I’m hoping we get to discuss not only where it is, but why it is, and leave you with an action item when you leave here tonight.” (From here the video cuts to an audience member asking Cindy McCain a question relating to the issue. Visually, you can see how uncomfortable his question makes her.)

Audience member: “So, I’m going to shoot straight. The perception between a lot of young people is that there is an untouchable ring of governmental and economic elites in this country that not only benefit, like she mentioned, but actively participate in sex trafficking. Jeffrey Epstein was an example, uh, Robert Craft was arrested, not far from here, on  trafficking charges. And so we–in terms of this as a grass roots movement to push, to combat this issue, are these power players a priority for us right now? Can we even touch them, or is this a pipe dream we need to address in the future, somehow?”

Cindy McCain: “No, it’s like everything you know, we, we–it hides in plain sight. Epstein was hiding in plain sight. We all knew about him. We all knew what he was doing. But we had no one that was, uh, um, legal aspect that would go after him. They were afraid of him for whatever reason, they were afraid of him. All the sudden someone [Trump] said, “B.S.–we’re not afraid of you anymore and what you’re doing is not only wrong it’s illegal,” and you know, those things. Um, it’s like a house of cards now, it’s going to start tumbling, believe me, and these guys–if they don’t leave the country, number one, they’re going to get caught. Not only will they get caught, but they’re going to be made examples of, and that’s exactly what we should be doing with these guys, especially. In my opinion, Epstein is a chicken shit for doing what he did. He should have faced the music on that one.”


Cindy McCain’s brief statement on why Epstein was allowed to continue his operations for so long is meaningless to people who don’t understand who Jeffrey Epstein was, and what he was doing. He wasn’t just some over-sexed degenerate lunatic attempting to seed the human race with his DNA. There are yet to be substantiated rumors that Epstein was working for an intelligence agency–both Mossad and the CIA have been suspected–operating what is known as a ‘honey pot’ for the purpose of gathering blackmail material on prominent and powerful people. That would be where the “afraid of him” part comes in. The rooms in the basement of Epstein’s island, where the bulk of the sexually deviant activities took place, all had cameras. There’s no amount of spin and public relations maneuvering that can salvage an individual’s reputation after something like that goes public, which means they own you now. You’re going to do whatever they want, to whomever they want, whenever they want–even to your own family, people, city or nation. That also tells us what kind of “someone” is necessary to take them down–someone whose life they don’t control and can’t destroy in the usual manner. They’re going to need different tactics for someone like him–they’re going to need fabricated dossiers, unfounded narratives, corrupt special counsels and a corrupt media for that–the kind of people unable to challenge the Epsteins of the world–the kind of people who can be counted on to do what they’re told. If you’re unfamiliar with the now infamous use of honey pots to acquire blackmail material, the short video below covers its use in a previous scandal:

Franklin Cover-up Explained | Conspiracy of Silence

Over the years several excellent independent journalists have uncovered mind-boggling evidence of the same networks used for trafficking people–these networks being both social and logistical (tunnels, submarines, planes) and referred to as “rat lines”–also being used to move things like weapons, drugs, uranium, and potentially bio-weapons. One of the more important discoveries made in that regard however, is how the deep state heavily relies on criminal organizations and gangs–like MS13–to do their dirty (and wet) work. You’re not hearing corrupt politicos and their media attack dogs deride Trump as an intolerant “racist” for going after groups like MS-13 because they’re all righteous humanitarians. Rather it’s the method they use to obfuscate the real issue and a means to garner support for keeping their trafficking networks and rat lines intact. Below are some of the more innocuous (drip) sources on the matter:

Tech companies are also doing their part to ensure fewer and fewer people become more reality literate on the issue through ever increasing censorship. If the media refuses to report on it and tech companies censor everyone online trying to report on it, nobody knows what’s really happening. It’s because of that tech censorship that few, if any of you, are aware of the following announcement, made just two days ago: The Department of Justice Announces Takedown of Key MS-13 Criminal Leadership. I have personally found over the years that FB automatically shadow bans ANY posts from the Department of Justice, something you would only expect from organizations more concerned with “just us” than real victim justice. Below is a partial copy of the announcement. It can be read in its entirety at the link provided above.

Department of Justice
Office of Public Affairs
Wednesday, July 15, 2020

The Department of Justice Announces Takedown of Key MS-13 Criminal Leadership
Joint Task Force Vulcan is a Coordinated Effort to Dismantle and Destroy MS-13
Today, President Donald J. Trump and Attorney General William P. Barr announced significant cases related to Joint Task Force Vulcan (JTFV), an initiative launched in August 2019 aimed at disrupting, dismantling, and ultimately, destroying MS-13.

President Trump and Attorney General Barr announced a number of significant cases associated with JTFV, including the first time an MS-13 member has been charged with terrorism-related offenses, a coordinated multi-district takedown of the leadership of the Hollywood clique of MS-13, and the Attorney General’s decision to seek the death penalty against an MS-13 defendant.

“In 2017, the President directed the Department of Justice to go to war against MS-13, and we did just that,” said Attorney General Barr. “In coordination with our partners at the Department of Homeland Security, the Justice Department’s law enforcement components have successfully investigated, charged, and arrested command and control elements of MS-13 responsible for murder. Joint Task Force Vulcan’s operations have significantly degraded MS-13 capabilities. While there is still work to be done, the Department of Justice remains committed to protecting Americans threatened by MS-13, and we will not rest until we have successfully defeated this transnational criminal organization.”

“Today’s announcements are the result of tremendous teamwork and coordination between prosecutors and law enforcement officers across the United States and Central America,” said JTFV Director John Durham. “MS-13 is a violent transnational criminal organization, whose criminal activities respect no boundaries. The only way to defeat MS-13 is by targeting the organization as a whole, focusing on the leadership structure, and deploying a whole-of-government approach against a common enemy.”

Nor are the media and big tech social networks big fans of sharing stories like this one: Trump signs order creating post focused on human trafficking

Or stories like this one: Trump appoints former U of L baseball player to anti-human-trafficking task force

In fact, the censorship has gotten so bad that you can’t find any of the past radio shows i’ve done over the years by searching my name on youtube–not even if you search for my name and the title of the show I was on. You would literally already have to know which youtube channel the video was on, and then sift through the videos on the channel. Nor will any “shares” of these articles to other social media platforms be registered here. But it doesn’t matter, because the efforts are already too little, too late. It doesn’t matter that I can’t point you to the youtube channel of the man who uncovered the spy ring in congress and the deep state rat lines, because youtube just deleted his channel–over 4000 videos and years of work gone with the click of a button. It doesn’t matter anymore because the cats were let out of the bags years ago, and now even their babies have babies of their own.

There are wonders–genuine, mysterious and fantastic wonders waiting for all of us to join them on the other side of this madness. Paradigm-shifting energy technology advancements, life-saving cures, mind-blowing hidden histories–all having been suppressed by people who couldn’t keep their hold on power any other way. One thread unravels them all. 

With that, i’ll leave you with this to think about. It’s been several years since I shared this story during a radio show so I don’t remember all of the details exactly, but considering it was science fiction, even paraphrasing will still elegantly make the point:

“I was watching a television show recently wherein the lead character was a very old being who had only somewhat recently come to earth, having a human form with no distinguishing characteristics. He was here helping a group solve issues not unlike those in a Dr. Who series, and in this particular episode he was attempting to stop a catastrophic energy rift from developing in a deep cavern in the earth. Over the course of events he and another character encountered a pedophile, but due to the urgency of the rift opening, they were unable to hand him over to the proper authorities and instead were forced to bring him along.

As they reached the bottom of the steps leading deep into the cavern, just in time to see the energy rift begin to develop, the being looks over at the pedophile only to find him staring wide-eyed, mouth open, frozen from both the shock and awe of the beautiful, terrible, and impossible sight developing before him. Realizing the effect this experience is having on the man, the elder being looks back at the rift whose undulating purple glow is now cast across both their faces, and he begins to explain, “I have lived for thousands of years and traveled across multiple universes. I have seen suns and planets die, and entire galaxies being born. You can’t even begin to image the wonders I have seen.” He then returns his gaze to the still paralyzed features of the pedophile and says, “And I wish you could see them too, because then you would know how small you’ve made your life.”

Can you see it now? Welcome to the Great Awakening.





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