May 17, 2021

As long-time readers will understand, new revelations about ancient civilizations that once inhabited the earth are, in general, not particularly exciting to this author these days. This is partly due to having written an extensive book about these civilizations (and their evidence found all over the world) in the years leading up to its completion and release in 2009. That particular work was also written in a study guide format and included references to dozens of authors whose own extensive work on the topic had gone largely unnoticed. One of my favorite authors in that regard is David Hatcher Childress. Now, here I would ask the reader to please understand, if those statements are coming across as glib or smug, they aren’t meant to, and in a moment you’ll understand why.

Far more importantly to me personally, is not that these previous lineages existed, but rather why they no longer do–that was the ultimate lesson I learned when acquiring extra knowledge through my ‘dreamtime’ experiment almost two decades ago. That extraordinary experience gave me far more than I expected, or could even simultaneously process, because it not only taught me the behavioral patterns that, if left unchecked, will inevitably lead to the demise of an entire civilization, but also, that our own civilization was not only on the same path, but nearing the end of that road. From that moment on, that is the subtext of every radio show I’ve ever done, and every book, essay or article I’ve ever written: through understanding those patterns, we can change them before we inevitably get where we’re currently going—before it’s too late. And, to be sure, the fact that you and I are still here and having this conversation right now, means we still have time.


There are three different ways of describing what amounts to the exact same problem, depending on which language is best suited to the unique thought process of the individual. In philosophical terms it can be stated as ‘the misuse or misapplication of knowledge’. In religious terms it can be stated as ‘the weaponzation of creation’ and in scientific terms it can be stated as ‘the purposeful destruction of intelligent design’. We are the seventh version of humanity stuck on a loop that begins to repeat once a mattoid elite emerges within that lineage, with a quest to dominate all other life forms on earth. We are not the first rendition of humanity on earth to quite literally suffer through the ramifications of a psychopathic elite living out their God Complex, unhindered. Of course, in that statement lies both the problem and the solution.


Although I only came across the ‘mud flood’ theory about a year ago, I’m incredibly intrigued by it. Admittedly and unfortunately, I haven’t had the time to look into it with the kind depth it deserves, but in writing these last few articles, a particular idea keeps tapping me on the shoulder: are the mud flood and the time travel experiment re-covered in the last few posts, somehow related events? If you haven’t read those previous articles and/or listened to the profoundly penetrating analysis of those events provided by James Horak, this suggestion will offer very little in the way of meaning, proper context or coherence.

My first introduction to the mud flood theory came from researcher Michelle Gibson via Veritas. Well, now, this is interesting….It’s been a while since i’ve watched any of her videos, so when I just now went to look up her youtube channel to insert the hyper-link over her name here, would you believe her most recent video, produced four days ago, is titled, EVIDENCE FOR THE MANIPULATION OF OUR PERCEPTION OF SPACE AND TIME AND THE CREATION OF A NEW TIMELINE?

I will definitely make it a point to listen, and I can’t help but wonder if Gibson (perhaps even unknowingly or independently) has discovered that James Horak’s claims (in 2013) that the elite successfully attempted time travel, and in so doing, caused the timeline to split in two, is indeed a far more compelling and accurate model of our ‘reality’.


From what I understand so far, the theory stems from researches like Gibson having come across numerous historical photos that, like so many other things, do not conform to the reality model our lineage has been presented with. Repeatedly, and from locations all over the world, these photos show large, and largely uninhabited cities, not being built by those from our recent past, but rather being dug out of mud. These cities include extremely impressive architecture commonly found in our city and state capital buildings, but also things like railroads, and even advanced technology. The conclusion being drawn is that these cities, structures, technologies and rail lines were not built by people in our lineage, but rather, were simply already there, seemingly abandoned, and then dug out of a layer of mud—all over the world—and that the elite have covered the matter up through their favorite pastime of re-writing history to suit their agenda.

The most compelling aspect of the theory, in my view, is that this event seems to have occurred in the very recent past—recently enough that there are black and white photos documenting it. In our current lineage, photography was invented in the 1800’s, Napoleon died in the 1820’s, and the timeline split occurred when Napoleon was in the Great Pyramid, as explained by James Horak. Those are relatively recent events, so it does seem natural to wonder if that time travel experiment (reality revision) left physical traces—another discontinuity in the story line of our current reality model—that is being observed and labeled as the mud flood.

While dabbling, I came across an interesting idea: the mud ‘flood’ may be a misnomer—instead of this impressive infrastructure suddenly being partially buried in mud, perhaps that pre-existing infrastructure (all over the world) actually sank into the earth via a process known as soil liquefaction, something caused by certain types of earthquakes. The following explanation of soil liquefaction comes from earthquakeauthority.com:

“Earthquake motion can turn loosely packed, water-saturated soil to liquid—”liquefaction.” Liquefied soil loses its density and ultimately the ability to support roads, buried pipes, and, of course, houses. 

The 1989 magnitude 6.9 Loma Prieta earthquake caused liquefaction, most severely in the Marina District of San Francisco. There, more than 30 buildings were damaged or destroyed, and gas lines were broken, igniting fires.

If liquefaction occurs on or near your property, your house may sink by inches or several feet and be surrounded by or filled with liquefied soil. The California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services MyHazards tool can help you identify geologic hazards near your house.”

I find that to be a more intriguing idea, and in keeping with the theme of this and other recently posted articles here, the obvious question would be: could an event as awesome as a timeline split, cause the entire planet to shake so violently as to cause a world-wide soil liquefaction event partially burying any pre-existing infrastructure on the surface? If some of our more recent earthquakes (much smaller events compared to a timeline split) can produce the same effect, then it certainly seems plausible.



For those new to the theory it may help to think of it as a bicycle wheel with several off-shooting spokes. The center hub is the primary theory, the spokes being several peripheral events that may or may not be related. The Tartaria theory is one of those spokes as reality miners attempt to understand and label the civilization (Tartaria in this case) that was buried.


Other spokes deal with various historical events that may or may not have had something to do with the manner in which the elite attempted to paper over or erase any clues as to what really transpired. In that aspect, adjoining theories include historical “great fires” that burned down entire cities which would constitute “building the new world on the ashes of the old one”. An often cited example of this is the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. The following recounting of the event comes from National Geographic:

The “Great Rebuilding” was the effort to construct a new, urban center. Big businesses, innovative buildings, and a new style of architecture were the results.

The Great Chicago Fire started on the evening of Oct. 8, 1871. While there is little doubt that the fire started in a barn owned by Patrick and Catherine O’Leary, the exact cause of the fire remains a mystery. From the barn at 137 DeKoven Street, on the city’s southwest side, the fire spread north and east, into the heart of Chicago’s business district.

Rain put out the fire more than a day later, but by then it had burned an area 4 miles long and 1 mile wide. The fire destroyed 17,500 buildings and 73 miles of street. Ninety thousand people—one in three Chicago residents—were left homeless by the fire. While only 120 bodies were recovered, it is believed that 300 people died in the blaze.”

“Order out of Chaos” and building a new world out of the ashes of the old one is something this author has discussed and written about often over the years. In that regard, I trust that veteran reality miners immediately noticed the similarities between, “The ‘Great Rebuilding’ was the effort to construct a new, urban center. Big businesses, innovative buildings, and a new style of architecture were the results,” and the elite of today attempting another “great reset” using the slogan ‘build back better’.


Another interesting spoke on the mud flood wheel is the perhaps related phenomenon of the seemingly large population of orphans around the same time period, historically referred to as the Orphan Train Movement. The following excerpt comes from orphantraindepot.com:

“From 1854 to 1929 an estimated 250,000 orphaned, abandoned, and homeless children were placed throughout the United States and Canada during the Orphan Train Movement.

When the orphan train movement began, it was estimated that 30,000 abandoned children were living on the streets of New York City.

Charles Loring Brace founded the Children’s Aid Society in order to help these children.

The aid institutions developed a program that placed homeless children into homes throughout the country. The children were transported to their new homes on trains which were eventually labeled “orphan trains.”

This period of mass relocation of children in the United States is widely recognized as the beginning of documented foster care in America.”

The Orphan Train event has become attached to the mud flood theory, I suspect, because the historical records don’t adequately explain the true cause or reason for the phenomenon. I have not deeply researched the issue myself, but I find the idea intriguing because if readers will recall, in a previous post I discussed a work of fiction I published in 2010 about a split timeline, a sub-group of the population known as simuls, who (after the split) could remember aspects of both timelines simultaneously which also included memories of people who no longer seemed to exist, and the book was written years before I became aware of an actual timeline split in reality, or even the Mandela Effect, which is eerily similar. Since those events later turned out to be real and not fiction, this author is naturally left wondering if the Orphan phenomenon is, as some claim, another side effect of a split timeline.


There are numerous photos (shown in countless videos on the topic) from that same time period that appear to include signs that extremely advanced technologies were being used by the civilization that seemingly vanished from those pre-existing cities buried in mud. This includes electric trolley cars, fireplace like structures in homes built in a strange manner more suggestive of an advanced radiant model than used for wood burning, and Tesla-like poles on street corners that may indicate they were using a wireless transmission of power.

Other photos indicate a great deal of our modern infrastructure was also built directly on top of pre-existing structures having completely different architecture.


This is another aspect of the theory that I haven’t really looked into, but the concept reminds me of many, many things James Horak has shared with us over the years, primarily his revelation regarding the engines in the earth (placed there when our ancestors migrated from Mars to Earth), that are part of an extremely advanced technology that works to keep the moon in parody with the earth. These machines are also placed in a specific grid pattern deep within and around the earth, and over time, through uplift, their original placement has been altered which in turn causes some otherwise inexplicable phenomenon. The “Mystery Spot” in Santa Cruz, CA comes to mind. James has also, over the years, explained that the Russians found one of these, removed it and attempted to place it near another one located at Lake Vostok. This caused some problems as these instruments are intentionally spaced out in equal distance for a reason.

If readers find that too incredible and/or are unfamiliar with those references, I recommend listening to the recently re-posted show, SOMETHING NEW UNDER THE SUN: TIME TO ACQUIRE A MORE ACCURATE REALITY MODEL. Numerous links provided there will direct the reader to material detailing how it was actually James Horak’s ancestor, Antonin Horak, who first discovered on of these engines, referred to as a moon shaft, a 1997 music album called Coronal Mass Ejection that includes a song called Horak’s Moon Shaft, and a link to a 2015 video of the “lunar wave phenomenon” that shows the technology related to the engines on the earth and the moon working together in real-time.


Where the helium issue is concerned specifically, as it pertains to the Tartaria/mud flood theory, James offered an extremely detailed explanation of the way, and the why, the elite and their cartels have been lying to the world as to the true nature of helium. For various reasons that reality miners on the topic will discover on their own (if they haven’t already) the helium issue comes up often during mud flood/Tartaria discussions.

Traditionally, James has explained the helium issue in relation to our deep past, true history, and those connections to our split consciousness and the moon. You can learn more about those interconnected issues from a 2012 interview called A Refined Cosmology to Address Cosmic Anomaly: Lifting the Veil (parts 1-3). On the helium subject alone, in relation to the current topic, James explained this during a September 5th, 2012 interview on the Kevin Smith Show. That video is posted below for readers, and while I recommend listening the show in its entirety, the following helium specific discussion begins at the 36:00 minute mark, and is transcribed below.

German Zeppelin airship ‘Hindenburg’ moored at Lakehurst, New Jersey, after a transatlantic flight, c1936 (c1937). The LZ 129 ‘Hindenburg’ was a large German commercial passenger-carrying rigid airship that flew from March 1936 until it was destroyed in a disastrous accident 14 months later on May 6, 1937. The ‘Hindenburg’ made 17 round trips across the Atlantic in 1936. From Wonders of World Aviation, Vol. 1, by Clarence Winchester. [The Amalgamated Press Ltd, London, c1937]. (Colorised black and white print). Artist Unknown.. (Photo by The Print Collector/Getty Images)


“There has been a second technology in the world, that industrialists have had, exercised to their discretion, but they’ve kept from the rest of us because it would challenge the cartels. It would challenge the power placement, and it would be less lucrative. I mean they’ve had this—Jules Verne detected this when he was writing 20,000 Leagues Beneath the Sea—there was a Captain Nemo, and there was such a craft as his submarine.

And there are all sorts of reports of airships at the time, that people saw, and they saw people on the bridge of these airships waving at them—these were ours. This was a second technology that began right after the civil war. And it expanded to a point that by…the beginning of WW1 there was a conspiracy to lie about what helium was, because they didn’t want helium accessible to the Germans.

The Austria/Hungarian empire was beginning to build airships, and they were too good at what they did—namely to surveil potential battlefields, military build-ups, and so forth. And so the airships that the Germans, the Austrian/Hungarian empire, the Prussian empire was building, all had highly flammable gas, and were very dangerous. This kept them more or less in tow, kind of limited their flexibility with these craft.

Of course scientists that had worked with helium were all in on a conspiracy to say that helium came from natural deposits in the panhandle of Texas, almost exclusively. Now that’s a big lie. There are no natural deposits of helium on earth, because helium wants to escape the earth. The gravity of earth can’t hold helium to it, so how could there be any natural deposits? Helium is acquired in the refining of oil to gasoline. It’s a by-product, and if you know how to collect it—you have to know the secrets of how to collect it, how to turn it into a liquid for shipment, and then once it has been turned into a gas you can return it back to a liquid—but all of these are trade secrets that are held by the three big gas companies, the industrial companies that have been doing this for a hundred years.” —James Horak


As they pertain to the Mud Flood, the two primary issues I intended to raise here originated from profound revelations over the last decade from James Horak. The first issue, being whether or not the timeline split and the Mud Flood are connected events, the second having to do with helium, as it also pertains to the theory.

That nobody in our lineage has done more to provide us with a more accurate model of reality than James Horak, is something I believe in all sincerity. James has repeatedly presented mankind with knowledge that would, and should, help us ‘get over the hump’ or survive our technology, so that we can avert another catastrophic end. He has even gone as far as helping us to better understand and even anticipate the wonders that await us on the other side of this madness, if we would but act to stop it. Moreover, this knowledge has touched on nearly every discipline we have: agriculture, aero biology, physics, mathematics, genetics, morality, history, metallurgy, advanced technology, artificial intelligence, spirituality, cosmology, astronomy, intelligent design, the EMV’s, time travel, reverse speech, the attenuation of gravity waves, and on and on—and it was given freely.

If our warnings are heeded, by both sane governments and the people of the world, and the knowledge is incorporated into our reality model and our civilization consequently survives the current designs of an insane elite, there’s no question that the knowledge he provided our generation will still be talked about, plagiarized, taught, built on, and used to further our continuance of building a better reality model, for generations to come.

The world has already been given more than you know.


  1. This is something I’m currently researching. I hope to learn and understand more.

    The number of lies being uncovered is breaking my brain.


    • It’s good times! The banner on my FB page is a quote by Alvin Toffler: “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read nor write, but those cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.” Thanks for the comment Jet.


  2. I think I may have stumbled upon a possible explanation. The Carrington event of 1859. Supposedly it was a massive solar flare and CME but from what James has said, the EMVs wouldn’t have allowed that. If the Tartarians transmitted electricity through the air, what would happen if the system short circuited or was overloaded? Either naturally or by an energy weapon? The events of 1859 and 1862 of telegraph systems operating without power, melted buildings, and extended aurora phenomenon don’t seem consistent with a CME. If all of the metal in your buildings was electrically suprheating, how would you stop it? Water wouldn’t work. Mud? A plausible theory that I can’t take credit for but caused me to remember the Carrington event when a lot of the telegraph lines burned up.


  3. Truly incredible. I’ve been looking for a plausible explanation of Tartaria’ s end and this was great. This allowed me to conceptualize it’s destruction easy. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. A lot of people are asking these questions, a friend of mine was telling her friend about these structures and her friend said to her who’s 86 ” You know I’ve always wondered who built them and how did they do.it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It will take decades for most people to come to terms with how much of our ‘reality’ is nothing but agenda-driven narrative. There isn’t a single aspect of our lives unsullied by it. However, in order for people to have those decades of contemplation, we have to survive that agenda and the insanity pushing it forward first. Thanks for the comment Wayne.


    • Thank you for the comment Susan. It is an extremely fascinating topic that I hope will one day be taken more seriously, and provide us with far more answers than questions. If you like that article, you’re really going to enjoy the next one–hoping to have it finished before the new year. 😉


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