by Crystal Clark, January 4, 2022

[1/6/22 UPDATE: In reviewing archives for content to include in upcoming articles, I came across two wonderful videos I couldn’t resist adding after the essay was already posted: James Horak’s 2010 Ultimatum to TPTB, and the ever so delightful video, The Disclosure.]

“If time travel is possible, ever will be possible, it’s with us now.” —James Horak, 2013

This might be a tough read for some, but the truth often can be, when we’ve become too efficient at ignoring it, only to suddenly become confronted with the fullness of it. More than anything though, this isn’t a story about our mistakes, it’s actually a story about love, and I hope that by the end you will come to see that.



My Great Grandmother died in my late teens and was a remarkably intelligent and interesting character. I didn’t get to know her until late in her life, and only for a short time, but it was long enough to leave a wonderful and lasting impression. She often used to joke about watching movies in “technicolor”. Technicolor refers to a time (during what some call ‘Hollywood’s Golden Age’) in which motion pictures began to incorporate a film-colorizing technology that revolutionized the motion picture industry. Seeing films in Technicolor, instead of the traditional gray, black and white, “brought the movies to life”.

Years later, while someone was explaining a dream they had, as the conversation continued I was surprised to find their dreams were in black and white. Having always dreamt in color myself, I thought that was odd, and over the years I’ve found myself wondering, are people actually living their lives in full color?

For centuries, endless narrative blather has constantly papered over a reality teaming with extraordinary knowledge, events and wonders, that very much like the invention of Technicolor, would quite literally bring our world to life. In so doing, they also bring us to life, but only when we are exposed to, or aware of them. The more we know about a thing or event, the more texture, flavor, color, meaning, possibility and choice it offers, deeply enriching our life experience in the process.

An perhaps even starker semi-metaphor along these lines, is the contrast between a life lived with a fuller awareness of endless possibilities and the wonders we are surrounded by, versus someone who lived during the Dark Ages. The Dark Ages (metaphorically a life lived in black and white) were so named for several reasons, the first being that very little was known during that time, i.e., people were living in the dark. Other common explanations for the term include: The Middle Ages are often said to be dark because of a supposed lack of scientific and cultural advancement. During this time, feudalism was the dominant political system; a time during which a civilization undergoes a decline.

While we often refer to what we perceive as an incredibly smart person (or idea) as being “bright” or “brilliant”, today, the depth of what that implies is largely lost to us. It’s no coincidence that these same bright people also appear to be far more alive—they sometimes exude an almost perceptible glow—an emanating love and zeal for life itself. In philosophical or religious terms, we may find this expressed as “illuminated” or conceptualized in art with a glowing light or halo about the heads of saintly figures. But if we were to distill that down into something more tangible, manageable, and meaningful, might we discover that extreme reality literacy is the basis for it, when paired with a strong moral undercurrent constantly pulling that knowledge towards a right use that benefits everyone?

Is the experience of ‘illumination’ really unobtainium for the masses, or is it the model through which we achieve a level of existence—as a planetary civilization—beyond our wildest dreams? Is that model just some arbitrary feel-good hopium being laid down on a random website, or is it in fact the natural course of human evolution, and far more importantly, is it being intentionally derailed? Is the path that led to the Golden Age of Hollywood, really so different from the path to the Golden Age of man?


Readers may recall from the previous article (and Core Perspective) this author has always been in full agreement with Juliane Assange that our greatest enemy, is ignorance. Not just ignorance, but those who benefit from and relentlessly and methodically perpetuate it, through secrecy, denial, obfuscation, propaganda and misinformation. Knowledge (information) is power, and because we’re very clearly in the midst of another knowledge-hoarding cycle, critical analysis has some people publicly and rightfully wondering if a new Dark Age is on the horizon. The increasing censorship, shunning, and ‘cancelation’ of anyone attempting to create a brighter, more reality literate population, only serves to make the trend in that direction exceedingly obvious. The escalation and severity of the trend is exacerbated by years of dumbing-down in the public education system, accompanied by the continual ideological subversion of our youth and endless fear campaigns designed to make the individual feel simultaneously less competent and more helpless.

For decades, around the world, there has been an extremely well-documented and concerted effort to rob humanity of its brilliance—of living a life in Technicolor—a covert and ongoing effort to keep the majority of the human population in the dark. This does far more than simply widen the gap between the haves and have-nots, obfuscate the ways in which the knowledge is being misused or weaponized against others, or make it exceedingly difficult to accurately use critical thinking because unknown variables aren’t being accounted for. Rather, a life lived in the dark, is also deprived of hope for something better, and is unable to prevent their free will from being co-opted to work against their own best interests under false pretenses. A life lived in the dark, is not a free life. A mind wandering in the dark, is not a free mind. It’s this author’s belief that it’s way passed time to correct that, and further, that our collective survival depends on it.


If ever there were wonders of magnitude capable of completely transforming a society away from black and white (or black vs. white) thinking, towards a more colorful, intelligent, meaningful, hopeful and extraordinary future full of endless possibilities, time travel and EMV’s more than suffice. While the issue of Time Travel or Time Control technology is far more pressing to understand at the moment in my view, in reality, what the right use of that technology can offer in terms of new possibilities of thought and being, pales in comparison to that of EMV’s.

To provide but a glimpse of what I mean, and hopefully in such a manner that allows for the interweaving of thoughts on both matters (time and space), perhaps especially in terms of errant paths currently being chosen (and their consequences) versus the better and more rewarding paths available to us, below is a brief transcription of James Horak discussing the wonders already being denied to us in favor of a corporate, feudal police state.

The short video of James making these remarks is embedded below, but the transcription only covers the last five minutes. This was done because it’s my belief that readers will not understand the significance of the technical explanation provided in the beginning of the video, without first understanding why it is in fact so significant. Also, upon listening to the entire video, readers will find long audio pauses in the dialogue. These are designed to give the viewer time to observe the phenomenon being explained.

Please also note that the audio editing in the first segment is the result of Shuny (the maker of the video) having asked James to name the feature being explained (Solar Anvil). As that conversation transpired after the original recording was made, Shuny went back and edited the audio track where applicable to include the proper name of the object. In later recordings, James explained and confirmed those edits were made as stated.

EMVS, SUN CONTROL, AND THE SOLAR ANVIL (Posted by OmetaOne, August 9th, 2012)

Transcription: SOLAR DYNAMICS, by James Horak

“A talented friend, kindly generous with his time, has put together images of the sun, taken at each hour, over the period of the last month and a half. He did this, in order to better understand my claims on the Kevin Smith show, that an enormous object, now acknowledged in proximity with the sun, is not only fixed in position there, but operating in an interaction with the sun to accomplish certain dynamics, only possible to a technology far beyond that of any planetary civilization.

These features become very important to discussions of today, as we see an errant drift of mindset being fostered more and more, to portray an hostile E.T. presence as virtually inevitable.

That this is absurd, in any context, historically or present, as a matter of common sense, is being lost more and more to the drum beat of steady media repetition. In dredging up myths, superstition and the remnants of poorly developed logic among western science fiction writers, an underlying theme of this inevitability has already been implanted.

Still, it is no less absurd, and fostered and promoted on a vast scale, simply because it has a designed agenda behind it. Now, instead of manufactured terrorism and attacks on national sovereignty on earth to engineer the ages old device of war upon the people—in order to deny them more personal freedom and better means of financial sustainment—the stage is set to bring an end to all social contracts based on the advances, cultural and technological, mankind has achieved in the last 300 years to win an equality among levels of society for the individual. The fear-driven agenda of a hostile E.T. threat has been developed as the ultimate false flag operation, to do just this.

Just as we were led to believe that nations must form alliances under detente, in order to escape certain destruction of the imposed threat of a hydrogen bomb, and that nations must combine on the same basis to afford advancing space exploration, we will be TAUGHT combatting this new alien threat will require a nationless new world order—already set up as a corporate, feudal police state.

We already see evidence of this as corporations like BP (British Petroleum) are allowed to police their own catastrophic environmental holocaust in the Gulf of Mexico, rather than the EPA and Coast Guard, and Monsanto is allowed to confine food production to corporate control with laws that prohibit non-hybrid seed.

These trends are not justified by any external threat, but are part of a growingly apparent agenda around what lays behind the false flag fabrication of one: world dominance by an elite that has lost its way morally, and in any context appropriate to evolutionary advance.

At this stage of crucial decision-making, it is important to view certain dynamics in a perspective long denied the people of this planet, for all to see that the design in nature governing all things on this astrophysical plane, have both order and design shared in common in knowledge by all civilizations, that advance beyond the point which the people of earth now near.

Dearest fellow children of the universe, you have nothing to fear from those part and parcel to these dynamics. View what you see as but an example of what is possible when people survive their own technology, and share it without constraints of any lords or masters.

[End of Transcription]

Regarding the topic of EMVS, this brief video/transcription only hints at the sheer magnitude of the topic. While the discovery of EMV’s was barely skimmed in Part 1 (PART 1: THE MOST IMPORTANT (AND IGNORED) DISCOVERIES OF OUR MODERN AGE—EMV’S AND TIME TRAVEL), and the ramifications of that discovery will necessarily need to be explored more deeply in future articles, Time Travel by itself, having gone well beyond the ‘theoretical’ stages decades ago, is of extreme Technicolor significance in better comprehending a vaster reality, in a multitude of ways. Moreover, if we accept there is an interconnected relationship between all things, including EMVS and the topic of Time Travel—even the past and present—understanding the one, may better help us to understand the nature and implications of the others.

Below is the video from which the transcription was taken, and I personally love the part where he makes reference to the “sparkles” being captured in the video, because at that moment, you can literally hear him smile. It’s helpful to keep in mind that the Solar Anvil has a specific purpose and function, and its size and scale in relation to that function is extremely revealing. The Solar Anvil being discussed, is located at the two o’clock position around the sun, and looks to have a crescent moon shape because its appearance is only partially visible.


Experts in their respective fields, be they science, mathematics or philosophy, may all provide a different definition of time, or alternatively, may find it such a complex issue they may refrain from attempting to define it all. There seems to be no real consensus. For now, this author has personally settled on the following: the space between events (overview/macrocosm), including the space in which an event occurred (localized/microcosm). As an aside, to this I would quickly add that after reviewing the work of Dr. David Anderson (below), readers may come to wonder, as I have, if the recent implementation of a Space Force is about far more than currently meets the eye—about far more than simply protecting an ‘outer space’ filled with satellite arrays, and global communications infrastructure.

Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” –Viktor E. Frankl

The ‘space’ between the stimulus and the response, what may also be referred to as “the calm before the storm” in particular situations, is the space that you and I—that over seven billion people on this planet—are currently in. And, as the above quote states, that space is where (and when) we choose our response. At the same time however, its worth considering whether or not that space is actually empty, beyond the choice being made. Can any meaningful choice be made in an empty void or vacuum? What about the well or library of knowledge from which the best choice can be drawn? Is the well polluted? Is the library full, or have half the books been pre-emptied, re-written, censored or deleted?


Here I would recommend the previous article on Time Travel and EMVs, especially in light of claims regarding future “time wars” being made back in 2010 by Dr. David Anderson, founder of the Anderson Institute. Additionally, if James Horak’s previous assertions are correct, not only have those time wars already started, but you and I may be living out the ramifications of a time experiment that altered the course of history in favor of some particularly mattoid mindsets. Also, as explained in that article, the “ripples” of that experiment, and perhaps other experiments, may be the reason for recent observations of strange phenomenon, like the Mandela Effect.

Despite efforts by officialdom to consistently downplay the reality of the Mandela Effect (just as they’ve taken to downplaying the reality and effectiveness of subliminals), there’s overwhelming evidence of it. So much so, that in 2019, Christopher Anatra, the CEO of a food distribution software company called NECS, felt compelled to produce the following video explaining the way in which the phenomenon was independently altering his customer’s databases. The video, just over 15 minutes, is well worth the time and extremely thought-provoking, especially in terms of Dr. David Anderson mentioning how Time Travel or Time Control technology can be used to “re-engineer historical timelines”. In the video below, Mr. Antara provides several examples strongly suggesting this has already happened. Are the kind of subtle shifts he’s referring to, and others like them, but side-effects of a larger and more focused attempt at re-engineering a greater, more pivotal event in our time-line somewhere else?


parallel universe
1. A universe, especially one of an infinite set of identical universes, hypothesized in some interpretations of quantum mechanics to exist along with our own universe, obeying the same physical laws, but each in a different quantum mechanical state with no possibility for the transfer of information between universes.
2. A universe hypothesized in some cosmological models to exist along with our own universe, possibly obeying different physical laws and having the potential for the transfer of information between universes.
3. A universe that exists separately alongside another universe.

One of the more salient points Orwell made, was the observation that an officialdom turning on its people (becoming secretive and tyrannical) will necessarily employ the careful and deliberate misuse of language to confuse or mislead. The term “parallel universe” may qualify as the kind of word salad obfuscation Orwell warned of, as it’s beginning to look more and more like a theory not based on actual science, but rather based on the need to cover something else up—in this case, time travel experiments that resulted in a re-engineered timeline, and the growing list of their observable side-effects.

To be more precise, far more sense can be made of current (and past) events, and their connections to one another, if we replace the word “universe” with “timeline” while simultaneously considering the ‘identical copy’ insertion into the phenomenon as also being erroneous. In other words, these two things are uniquely different and should not be referred to interchangeably. For other considerations along those lines I invite readers to review a previous article on the topic, TARTARIA, THE MUD FLOOD, TIME TRAVEL AND NAPOLEON: ARE THESE EVENTS ALL RELATED?

It’s notable that Dr. Anderson, as someone developing and experimenting with Time Travel/Time Control technology, never found any evidence of parallel universe theory during his literal (not theoretical) experiments, yet he did once admit during an interview with Art Bell that the splitting off of a new timeline (as a side-effect) was a real possibility.

The Bootstrap Paradox

Before focusing on the work, technological explanations, experiments and warnings surrounding time travel/control technologies as provided by Dr. David L Anderson, there is one more point of consideration I would like to leave readers with, known as The Bootstrap Paradox. While never specifically mentioned by Dr. Anderson in the video interviews I was able to find, he does refer to experiments and possible outcomes that would/could indicate it applies. A good explanation of the paradox comes from as follows:

The Bootstrap Paradox is a theoretical paradox of time travel that occurs when an object or piece of information sent back in time becomes trapped within an infinite cause-effect loop in which the item no longer has a discernible point of origin, and is said to be “uncaused” or “self-created”. It is also known as an Ontological Paradox, in reference to ontology, a branch of metaphysics dealing with the study of being and existence.

Time travel movies can be frustrating because they virtually always indicate the writers themselves are struggling to adhere to a coherent model of time travel and its implications. While this makes them difficult to follow, I particularly enjoy the way the films are exploring the idea and trying to work it out. In terms of what the above definition implies, there is an excellent series on Netflix called The Dark, that does a brilliant job exploring this particular paradox. (Spoiler Alert)

A professional watch maker, in his later years, develops a time machine that, over the course of time, several different individuals repeatedly use and explore. So many people are using the device in fact, and doing so at cross-purposes, that sharing a single device isn’t effective to their plans. To remedy this, one of the characters travels to the past to meet the device maker, in his younger years, before he has actually made (or even considered making) the device. During this meeting, they explain the device he made in the future, and prove it by giving him the blueprints for it, asking him to make another one. He agrees, and makes another one—before he actually made the first one. The moment this event or meeting takes place, fits the criteria of the paradox (an infinite cause-effect loop) in which there is no longer any “discernible origin” for an idea or invention. Or, as James Horak often used to say, “time is serial, not linear”.

Readers may find it useful to keep this in mind when exploring Dr. David Anderson’s interviews about time travel, as he does on occasion make reference to something similar. For example, Dr. Anderson discussed traveling to the future to find (and bring back) cures for diseases, at which point, spending decades and billions of dollars on cures, in the present, may become meaningless.


Three particular interviews with Dr. David Anderson (embedded near the end) cover an enormous amount of information on the topic, and because they do, the material has been broken down into the following categories:

  1. Brief Biography of Dr. David Lewis Anderson
  2. History and Evolution of the Technology
  3. Successful Experiments
  4. Countries Actively Involved in the Research and Development of the Technology
  5. Known Capabilities of the Technology
  6. Potential Mass Market Applications for the Betterment of Humanity
  7. Known and Potential Dangers of the Technology Being Misused

NOTE: I recommend downloading the embedded interviews (below) given by Dr. David Anderson and saving them on an external device for future reference.


Dr. Anderson first brought this knowledge to the public during an interview with Art Bell, in 2002, where these programs were in a more infantile stage. It wasn’t until 8 years later he re-emerged, again on the Art Bell show, with updated information on the progression of the technology and warnings as to the nature, reality, potential applications and possible abuses of Time Travel/Time Control technologies. He did several radio appearances between 2009 and 2010 before he disappeared again, and has not been heard from publicly since. I contacted the producer of a show that interviewed him (Freeman TV) attempting to uncover what became of him, and was told that at the time of the Freeman TV interview (embedded below), Anderson stated his intention to ‘go dark’ again soon.

The information provided, about both himself and the technology then, stopped being publicly transmitted and exposed by Anderson over a decade ago. I encourage readers to keep that in mind, as we know we’ve entered a time when technological advancements have become exceedingly exponential, with Dr. Anderson admitting as much—back then—in direct relation to Time Travel/Time Control technology specifically.

In reviewing and cross-referencing the three interviews embedded here, we find that Dr. Anderson was a physicist who began working for the United States Air Force at a young age, where he conducted advanced research and development at the Air Force Flight Test Center (Edwards Air Force Base). During that period he conducted work for Air Force Systems Command and DAARPA, primarily focused on very high speed orbital navigation and space-based systems.

In conducting R&D for a specific project during that time, he began to observe an unusual phenomenon—something strange about space and time and energy levels needed to access or control time—that became the impetus for him creating a model for what is today (at that time) referred to as Inertial Frame Dragging (IFD). The Air Force had no open interest in pursuing this avenue of research, so Dr. Anderson continued the R&D on his own and created the TTRC (Time Control Research Center facility located in Long Island, NY), which later became the Anderson Institute.

Dr. Anderson formed the TTRC in the 1980’s where he continued to explore IFD and its implications. He spent the 1990’s advancing (testing) his first two Time Warp Field Generators, trying to make the technology safe and stable enough for advanced experimental testing procedures. He spent the next decade (2000-2010) working on a third generation Time Warp Field Generator in an attempt to get beyond the problems and limitations of the first two models.

The void left during his absence, in which he is not personally available to defend or explain the progression of his work since, is slowly being filled with unsubstantiated rumors that I suspect will inevitably evolve into full-on ‘wrap-up smear’ campaigns as this knowledge begins to spread, in an attempt to discredit it. I strongly advise readers to avoid those trappings, as Dr. Anderson was not only extremely open about the mechanics of the technology, but during an interview with Art Bell, at one point an unusual caller begins to ask extremely technical questions of Dr. Anderson, in what is obviously an attempt by someone independently working on similar technology, to compare notes.


The previous (biography) section only includes Dr. Anderson’s personal history and contributions, but he freely explained that thoughts in this direction didn’t begin with him, rather the groundwork for the Time Control Technology used today was originally advanced in theories prior to 1950.


Specifically, he referred to the mathematician Kurt Godel, who, in the 1940’s, proposed a theory that Time Travel to the past was possible without traveling faster than the speed of light, a theory at the core of related technology being used and developed currently. Anderson further implied that most of this technology was based on work done by others (beyond Godel) in the first half of the last century. HERE IS A BRITANNICA LINK TO KURT GODEL’S HISTORY, and while what it includes is impressive, what it leaves out is also telling. Readers may find the below paragraph useful when considering some of the other claims made by Dr. Anderson, especially in relation to Princeton:

After the publication of the incompleteness theorem, Gödel became an internationally known intellectual figure. He traveled to the United States several times and lectured extensively at Princeton University in New Jersey, where he met Albert Einstein. This was the beginning of a close friendship that would last until Einstein’s death in 1955.


It’s important to keep in mind, that “successful experiments that have already been done”, that we know of thanks to Dr. Anderson, means UP UNTIL 2010. Beyond additional information provided by James Horak, and observable side-effects (Mandella Effects as an example) of more recent experiments being performed, we don’t know nearly as much as we should. [NOTE: I am aware of other individuals coming forward over the years claiming to have knowledge of, or been involved in other Time Trave/Time Control experiments, but I personally find Dr. Anderson (and James Horak) to be the most fascinating, revealing, and informative in that regard.]

From here it can be difficult to separate out successful experiments of the technology performed in the thirty years prior to Anderson’s public appearance, and the entities or nations already heavily involved or invested. However, I feel it’s important to try, so that we can better understand what those agencies and nations were up to while the rest of us slept, or had our every thought busied with the gargantuan Reality Revision known as 9/11. Below is a list of successful experiments performed up to 2010, while the specific entities/nations involved are in the next section.

  1. Passing information backwards in time, faster than the speed of light. Through Quantum Tunneling and Quantum Entanglement, Dr. Wang created a 10cm (4″-5″) long chamber filled with Cesium vapor, and under specific conditions, was able to devise a system in which information was sent in one side of the chamber, yet actually finished leaving the chamber, before it finished entering. The ability to transmit information back in time, faster than the speed of light, is sometimes referred to as Super Luminal. While, according to Dr. Anderson, testing eventually included living organisms like seeds, plants and bacteria, the first wave of experimentation ‘moving something backwards in time’ was done with information, before moving to objects, organisms, and eventually people.
  2. The Creation of Time Dilation Fields. In order for the technology to progress from sending non-physical objects backwards in time (information only) to sending physical objects, the next step would necessarily be the ability to create and stabilize a local field or bubble, within which time experiments could be isolated and contained. This was done decades ago, and while it’s sometimes referred to by Dr. Anderson as a Time Dilation Field, his preferred term was Time Warp Field, in relation to his Time Warp Field Generator. Within these isolated fields or bubbles, time within the field has been made to both speed up and slow down, without affecting time rates outside the field.
  3. The Progression of Time Dilation Fields Into Time Travel experiments. Once the fields could be stabilized, and the technology was trusted enough to move beyond simply altering the rate at which time passed within the isolated field (and the effects that had on the items being subjected to either a time speed increase or regression) the next phase of experimentation was moving objects located within the field—including people—back through time itself. Mr. Anderson explained this was done successfully as the item/organism could travel backwards in time without them experiencing a regression in aging, by creating closed time-like curves which could be modulated.


Successfully Regressing Time Within the Field. These experiments and their effects on plants, caused a blooming flower exposed to time regression within the field, to revert back to pre-bloom bud state. Before the tech progressed, Dr. Anderson stated they weren’t yet able to do that (flower regression experiment) with other living organisms because of unresolved tech issues—continuing to regress time within the field was causing it to become unstable, which eventually destroyed the living organism.

Using Time Warp Fields as Stasis Chambers. On several occasions during these interviews Dr. Anderson discussed using these Time Warp Fields as stasis chambers, in regards to two primary applications: the preservation of organs harvested for transplantation, and the extended preservation of food left within the chamber.

Temporal Tremor Detection (TTD) Technology

Around the 23:00 minute mark of the Art Bell interview, Anderson is asked about the development of Temporal Tremor Detection technology, as Art wonders if it has the ability to pinpoint where and when any time technology is used, the same way this can be done with nuclear detonations. Below is a transcription of Dr. Anderson’s answer:

“Maybe not so much with Time Travel, you’ll notice I’ve been using the term Time Control. Yes, matter of fact I would even say it’s easier. With nuclear reactors, not only can you see a nuclear detonation and pinpoint, our satellite systems today, can even detect nuclear reactors that are starting up or shutting down, and different types of events on a very low energy level. With a Temporal Time Detector, it’s a lot easier. Our ability to locate is not so strong, to pinpoint locate, but the ability to tell the level of activity, and whether they’re working with information or matter in their experiments or their technology, and the level they’re doing it, is something we can detect.”

Here, Art Bell begins to focus on the word “tremors” and starts referencing science fiction movies about time quakes, when Mr. Anderson makes the following, extremely important statement:

“…I also see a more important value. One of the things that concerns myself and my peers, is how this technology is going to be applied. The consequences of misapplication of this technology are extreme, and can be catastrophic if it’s not managed well. What we’re really happy about a TTD, is that we can use it, and its base technology, to determine, generally, where and to what level experiments are going on, which helps support transparency. For me that’s the most exciting element of a TTD, and also it lets us know, truly, what the state of the art is, in different areas or facilities doing this type of work.”



Dr. Anderson certainly appreciated the irony of an American population what was simultaneously ignorant of the existence and use of a technology, and their tax dollars funding it at the same time. He explained that US Taxpayers advanced the ability to pass information back in time faster than the speed of light, when our US government funded the work of NEC at Princeton University (Dr. Wang’s experiment.)


At the time these interviews were recorded, Dr. Anderson stated that not only had his institute partnered with the Japanese government to work on the super luminal transmission of information, but they were currently the leaders in that area, having an impressive lab in the mountains north of Kyoto.


Prior to that, Russia had been doing extraordinary, ground-breaking work on the tech in the 1960’s and 1970’s, but lost substantial ground when the ongoing turmoil in that nation broke up the U.S.S.R. Now having a new nation on stronger footing, they were eager to pick up where they left off and get back in the game.


Perhaps surprisingly to many, at the time of these interviews, Anderson stated that India’s development efforts in this regard, were larger than the rest of the world’s efforts combined. When pressed as to why he thought that might the the case, aside from addressing India’s unique spiritual beliefs, Anderson would often say, in regards to India’s leaders being scientists, “India chooses their leaders based on their scientific promiscuity, rather than their political promiscuity”. (I imagine I’m not alone in my appreciation for Dr. Anderson’s choice of words here, knowing the images it conjures for the more awake Americans contemplating this in relation to the way in which or own leaders are selected. It certainly isn’t based on their ‘scientific’ promiscuity.)


At the time these interviews were recorded, Dr. Anderson mentioned that China was very interested in getting involved in this research, and he claimed to have personally met with their National People’s Congress, and their Ministry of Science and Technology. Up to that point they were having limited success, but had recently begun making strides, having the second largest R&D budget in the world.



During one of the interviews provided, Anderson admits that one of the first avenues of funding for his organization was specifically for the development of this technology—to create a stasis chamber that would prevent harvested organs from aging (breaking down) prior to transplantation.


Dr. Anderson referred to creating stasis chambers for food that had the potential to replace refrigeration technology, and stated that while it was an incredibly expensive endeavor at that moment ($44 million dollars) to build the appliance, it had already been done. While he didn’t precisely discuss the other possibilities this technology could offer in the areas of food quality and production, the implications are there.

Assuming we really did live in a world incapable of feeding the current number of people (which we don’t, but planned obsolescence is working to change that), based on Anderson’s explanations of the tech, I see no reason why it couldn’t be applied to massive green houses encompassed in a time dilation field in which time is sped up, massively increasing food supplies by producing full grown crops in a fraction of the time it would otherwise take. This, on top of stasis food chambers instead of refrigerators, even if only in grocery stores and restaurants, would absolutely revolutionize food and agriculture industries.

On the plus side, it’s also a lot more sane and humane than teaching children their every breath is an assault on the planet (and that it cries out every time a new baby is born), and therefore the ‘only’ way forward is to massively and aggressively depopulate the earth. At this point, I hope people are starting to understand why ‘overpopulation’ conversations are not being had honestly and openly, in a public forum, looking for solutions that don’t all hand the elite more power for doing nothing other than causing problems they then convince everyone else they alone can solve—if you would but give them complete control over every aspect of your life, and death.

Near the 6:52 minute mark of the 2010 Art Bell interview, Anderson discusses strides made with the technology in the previous eight years, since his last appearance on the show:

“At that time, what we had focused on, we had also used germination cycles of specific types of plants or seedlings, as reference points in our experiments. So at that point in time we had used test instrumentation, we had also used various forms of plant seedlings with very, very predictable germination cycles, and actually were able to successfully demonstrate the acceleration and deceleration of time.”


While Dr. Anderson did comment on the possibility of using Time Control/Time Travel technology to mine the future for cures that can be brought back to the past, I found his comment on accelerating the rate at which experiments could be carried out, equally if not more fascinating. Results, or repeated attempts at experiments designed to provide hoped-for results, could be significantly sped up inside a field. That alone has profound implications, in several different industries.


This is also an extremely interesting topic, for a multitude of reasons that become exceedingly obvious with each passing day. While Dr. Anderson only touched on it briefly in these interviews, he provided the example of sending drones back in time to record historical events of significance, as and when they actually occurred. He also stated that India was especially interested in this avenue of research.

To emphasize how incredible that one application alone could be, Anderson suggested a future in which historical documentaries would not only have to be honest, but in so doing, could be made from actual footage of the event in question, obtained by a drone sent back in time to record it. These recordings would then replace the need for ‘dramatic recreations’ of events based on guesses, or perhaps even the kind of misinformation behind the phrase, “the winners write history”.


Before reviewing Dr. Anderson’s prescient warning of future time wars, it seems fitting to get the “Grandfather Paradox” out of the way first, hopefully making the ‘time war’ issue less confusing.

Based on Anderson’s Time Control and Time Travel experiments, the Grandfather Paradox—the idea that you can go back in time and kill a specific individual’s Grandfather in an attempt to keep that person from being born—is as useful to the model as virtually identical parallel universes with supposed infinite copies of everyone behaving a little differently—it doesn’t apply.

In some of these interviews, Anderson explains an experiment they did with a family of seedlings, which adequately disproved the theory. Because seed families can be produced rather quickly, they sent ‘grandparent’ seeds back in time and caused an event which destroyed the seeds. The successive generations of those grandparent seeds did not disappear from our current reality—they still existed. However, there were some unexpected anomalies present in seed lineage that was not involved in the experiment. Their DNA make-up had changed. So, attempts to change a specific target failed, yet simultaneously produced unintended effects in non-targets, and this of course brings us to what most people know as the ‘butterfly effect’, an idea popularized by the 2004 film of the same name (The Butterfly Effect), starring actor Ashton Kutcher.

Along those lines, Dr. Anderson made the following statements around the 31:11 mark during his Freeman TV appearance, after Freeman brings up a bust of Michael Jackson (I encourage readers to listen to the whole show for more on the bust specifically):

“If Time Control technology is exercised, will we know it—will we know the effects? When we go back and we change an event and re-engineer a historical timeline, will the people in the future, recognize that the timeline has been changed? And what we see in the laboratory, is clearly not, with one exception. We do believe, without a lot of experimental evidence, that there are some people, a small percentage of the population that are sensitive, and able to sense modifications that have occurred in a timeline.

But let me tell you something similar, this is the first time i’ve heard about the bust on your show here, in Chicago. We do an experiment called Brothers and Sisters, where we use families of seedlings, and generations, and we will move seedlings backwards in time, and we’ll destroy a generation and come back, and what’s interesting, is that the scientists in the lab—while the object or target of the experiment returns, with the DNA profiles of the generations that were established and exterminated—when they return to the present timeline, we actually see a change in what has occurred in the laboratory.

We have no knowledge that anything was modified, but clearly, the information we sent back in time with the DNA profiles of these families of seedlings, and what returns, then is completely different than what we started the experimentation with, and we have no conscious view of that. And it’s one of the fallacies that I blame on the movies, about this common belief about parallel universes. It’s simply not true, what we’re seeing in the lab, that parallel universes spin off.

If I could comment on parallel universes a little bit, a lot of people talk about—one of the most popular paradoxes, is the Grandfather Paradox—if I go back in time and kill my Grandfather, I would longer exist, so therefore I couldn’t have gone back in time (because I do exist) so my Grandfather would be born, but now I am born too, so I can go back in time. These paradoxes, just like every paradox we see in physics, are simply places where our rational minds bump into our mind’s, body’s and senses’ perceptions and limitations.”

In the case of the Grandfather Paradox, if a person were able to travel backward in time and kill their Grandfather, as we see in our Brothers and Sisters experiments with plant living organisms, that person would kill their Grandfather, they would continue to exist, but by doing that event, they’ve basically reshaped the construct of reality. Meaning that, for example in the case of the sets of families of seedlings that we use in our experiments, by going back and destroying a previous generation, we actually change the construct of reality. Certain seedlings no longer come into existence. Some of the brothers and sisters simply are no longer there. New ones appear, and sometimes things go terribly, in another direction.

It took me a few re-listens of these interviews to be sure I understood what he meant when explaining this, because on the surface it can sound contradictory. He’s indicating that these experiments are extremely unpredictable because what is targeted, is not what is affected, which also makes it nearly impossible to predict side effects (butterfly effect) of experiments done with even the purest of intentions.


The phrase, “I write to discover what I know” just floated back to me, as while I was contemplating what to include in this section, I suddenly found myself viewing the ‘corporate wars’ from an entirely new angle. How globalists are attempting to install themselves as our new forever-leaders via a global, corporate, fascist (feudal) police state, and how the corporate wars—now being played out against ALL small business competition via the planned demic and with help from our misguided youth—was previously covered in an essay called, THE DEFUND ENDGAME PART 2: TRANSITIONING LOCAL CITIZENS TO GLOBAL CITIZENS.

To help readers better understand what’s currently happening, in conjunction with the previous (and next) steps necessary for globalists to take more control of industry around the world, that essay included a comparative analysis between today, and similar events portrayed in films like the original (1975) Roller Ball, and Demolition Man (1993). Both were included because one explores a reality in which corporations have taken over by waging war against governments (effectively replacing them), while the other focuses more on corporations having waged war primarily against each other instead, the result being, “that now all restaurants are Taco Bell”.

But now, as I write about ways in which Time Control technology can be abused, I find myself reflecting back on something specific Dr. Anderson said on the Art Bell show—not about the way governments would misuse it—but about the way corporations might. At the same moment that reflection hit me, so did the idea that perhaps the strange Mandela Effects being observed in the names of food products, especially the seemingly bizarre change in word spelling, may not be random side effects, but rather a covert form of bragging, if corporate wars are now also time wars:

“…there’s a message I would like to get out to your listeners, it’s that when you look at this Time Control Technology, the influence of government is profound. An new breakthrough like this that has tremendous military applications, or prospects, it really attracts tremendous investment from both the private sector and enterprise as well as governments.

And I can’t say this with enough emphasis—I wish I could be sitting in front of every one of your listeners now—one cannot underestimate the financial aspirations and the power of large business. And more so, the political and economical aspirations, and the power of governments.

The range of technological possibilities now are so enormous with this Time Technology, the only limitations Art, as you started to imply, are the limits of our imagination, or maybe even more so, the limits of insufficient imagination.”

Dr. David Lews Anderson speaking to Art Bell, 2010


As it stands today, the theft of intellectual property, in our current time, and the quite literally billions of dollars (massive wealth transfers due to the theft) the originator can be cheated out of, is already a huge problem. For those unaware, the ideas/tech that began both Facebook and Microsoft, did not originate from either Gates or Zuckerberg. In fact, the first Bitcoin Billionaires, the Winklevoss brothers, sued Mark Zuckerberg (successfully) for stealing their idea, and invested the payout into Bitcoin. The true history of Gates and Microsoft was covered in a previous essay called THE WAR ON KNOWLEDGE PART 2: INDOCTORNATION WORLD PREMIERE, and included the following video:

When discussing the potential misuse of Time Control/Time Travel Technology, Mr. Anderson was delicate and chose his words carefully, but he still provided us with examples that could stimulate our imaginations in particular directions, as he did when referring to bringing back cures from the future. That scenario was presented as a beneficial use, and of course most of us would see it that way, but what would be the correct path? For example, it would seem proper to avoid the pre-theft of intellectual property in the process, by treating the scenario similar to what was portrayed in the Netflix series, The Dark: the blueprints for a time travel device made by a watchmaker in his later years, were time traveled back to him—not someone else—to make it again, before he made the first one.

But Dr. Anderson was hinting at something far more important than things like abusing the technology for corporate espionage and/or corporate wars. To better illustrate what I mean in a way I hope will similarly spark your imaginations, the other night my husband and me were looking for something to watch, both now completely disgusted with the endless stream of dystopian predictive programming propaganda re-packaged as original movie plots, when I looked at him and asked, “Do you know what people are really asking in these scenarios, when they ask others, ‘is the government is still functioning?'” He looked at me curiously, so I explained, “what they’re really asking, although they don’t consciously know it themselves, is ‘who is making the rules now?'”

And that’s the problem with all of this, when it’s kept secret and only made available to a select few. There are no rules, because there is no public oversight to demand it. Here I return to my previous suspicion about the true mission of a Space Force being more than meets the eye, and hope, for all of our sakes (and futures), that suspicion turns out to be true.


Before we review some of James Horak’s assertions regarding time travel abuses having already happened, and the way that affects us today, I want to revisit something else of extreme importance discussed earlier.


In the previously posted video in which James Horak was discussing the Solar Anvil, the moment you hear him smiling while referencing those ‘sparkles’ is important to ponder. Unlike the similar assertions between Steinbart and Dr. Anderson that the UFO’s we see are actually ourselves in the future, James had a far more stunning take on it. The enormous feature fixed next to our Sun, what James referred to as the Solar Anvil, is a device that a multitude of civilizations use for star travel. What those sparkles are and represent then, are members of those other civilizations using the device for just that purpose, and in the space of that short video, while the Solar Anvil remains stationary, those sparkles (craft) are nearly too numerous to count. More importantly however, those other peoples (what he referred to as the ‘extended community’) are only able to have that incredible opportunity and level of existence because, during their own past struggles, they refused to let someone rob them of it. Clearly, if we intend to also achieve that level of existence—the path to countless wonders—we must also, in the here and now, make the same choice.

For those not familiar with James Horak’s work in the last decade, over time and through repeated discourse on this subject, it became obvious that virtually all fledgling or emerging civilizations undergo a transition phase in which a sort of make-or-break moment becomes inevitable. What that moment represents (what he referred to as “getting over the hump”), the moment in which we now find ourselves, is whether or not a civilization can retain a moral foundation strong enough to prevent the critical and catastrophic misuse of advanced technologies. This is the fundamental understanding we both shared, for which I sought him out to learn more, having already spent years writing about it in a book I published in 2009, condensed here in a section called THE SACRED SCIENCE.


Veteran reality miners no doubt made the interesting connection between Dr. Anderson having discovered the key to Time Travel/Time Control technologies, while performing work for the Air Force on what he called, “high speed orbital navigation and space-based systems”. It’s because of this connection that I encourage readers who may have struggled with incredulity over James Horak’s previous claims, to revisit them with more clarity.

Over the years James Horak would frankly and repeatedly explain, in what always made perfect and complete sense, that in order for a civilization to “survive their technology” and advance to the next step up (join that extended community), they must, necessarily, remove aberrancy from their collective first. This, he explained, must be done, because once a civilization begins to advance technology towards star travel, that knowledge and technology would allow a single individual to hold, in the palm of their hand, the ability to destroy an entire world. Those seven small, but extremely powerful words, are the moment of convergence between James Horak and Dr. David Anderson.

The elite having already altered the course of history by implanting a microchip in Napoleon (creating in him a new bias responsible for significantly changing his behavior) that altered a pivotal moment of history, in this case the Battle of Waterloo, was already covered in a previous article. For our purposes here then, a different aspect or side-effect of that experiment will be examined instead.


For years, long before James began discussing the ‘re-engineering’ of our timeline by an elite having gone back in the past, he repeatedly stated that we are living in a partially manifested reality. I imagine many of you are currently interpreting that idea the same way I did, before knowing about the Napoleon issue: being partially manifested simply means we haven’t “gotten over the hump” and therefore are missing out on a much vaster form of existence and experience. That’s certainly true, however, it wasn’t until he explained the full ramifications of the Napoleon Time Travel Experiment, that I realized he meant something very, very different.

When the elite attempted to re-engineer our timeline in ways that would put them in complete control over its future people, events and ultimate outcome, it didn’t go quite as they intended—or could have ever predicted—and caused an anomaly to develop. That anomaly, in terms already used here, is a massive, semi-independent time bubble, not unlike the creation of a time dilation field discussed by Dr. Lewis Anderson. That is to say, they were not successful in altering the base, or original timeline, but rather as a consequence of attempting to, created an new type of reality—what we may refer to as an offshoot timeline or bubble—in which all of us here, currently reside. Furthermore, because this event was aberrant, it was contained. At the same time, because something like this had also never existed before, it was allowed to continue, but under certain constraints, hence the term “partially manifested reality”.

I often wonder if this is the reason that so many of the resultant anomalous features of “reality” being repeatedly observed by astronomers, physicists and scientists—like deep space probes suddenly stopping as though they’ve hit a wall—are behind the scientific community’s growing belief that we are “living in a hologram”. Also, as expressed in a previous article about how that event may be related to other historical anomalies currently labeled as the “Tartaria Mudflood Event”, it might be worth considering if the constraints placed on this partially manifested reality are the reason we have been unable to reproduce certain technological achievements constantly eluded to in ancient texts, as having been achieved by previous lineages here, who ultimately miscarried during their own “get over the hump” test.

Here I would quickly add, in a way that may not make complete sense at the moment, that one of the more valuable things I learned from James, is that while there is in fact an order to things, and that order is quite often perceived to be mechanical in nature—like a well-oiled and finely-tuned machine running on its own—that isn’t always the case. While I don’t mean to be cryptic, perhaps it helps to not think of the universe as consciousness, or as having its own consciousness, but rather as a special space within which consciousness may be expressed. In other words, there are exceptions. As an example, while it may be possible to create a watch that will run forever on its own, that doesn’t mean it will. If a specific consciousness is expressed in a manner that breaks the watch, because the universe is literally teaming with different expressions of consciousness, that doesn’t automatically imply that the watch will stay broken, either.


As an example of what I mean, something James explained in great detail often, previous lineages of man, who went through this same test period, and also abused their technology in terrible ways, at one point almost cracked the earth in half—they broke it. In order for us to be given another chance to try again, a sort of repair operation is ongoing in the here-and-now, in a remote section of Utah. That operation is being carried out by EMV’s, to hold the earth together, and that giant scar or crack is the Grand Canyon. For those who have never been there, or even for those who have, and stood on the edge, the fullness of that scar isn’t nearly perceptible enough to break through the narrative layer—-that it was formed over millions of years by running water—unless viewed from extremely high up.

I used to travel a lot for business in my 20’s, flying from coast-to-coast often and therefore fortunate enough to repeatedly observe the Grand Canyon from high altitude. I was always struck by the fact that’s exactly what it looks like from that high up: an extremely deep and gigantic crack in the earth that goes on for so many miles, even from that high up I couldn’t see both ends of it. The first two photos below are from significant altitude, the third was recently shared by Dan Scavino taken from the higher altitude of Air Force One.

As if that weren’t enough, James Horak often provided another stunning example of ways in which other conscious beings that exist in a universe teaming with life, beyond our own, are offering us help, an example he provided years before observable evidence for it emerged: the cities of the sea.


The absurdity of globalists developing a carbon credit system out of any real concern for the state of the earth, especially when it’s their own corporations that pollute it to no end, has been covered here before in an article on Reality Revisionism, and more recently in PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE: HOW AND WHY MULTI-NATIONAL (GLOBALIST) CORPORATIONS PURPOSEFULLY DESTROY AND MISMANAGE THE ENVIRONMENT, AND THEN BLAME IT ON YOU. The level to which we know their industries have flagrantly poisoned the earth (all the while knowing better options were available) is only dwarfed by what we don’t know.

For years James explained, that unbeknownst to most of us, people you and I didn’t vote for, began dumping radioactive waste into the ocean, specifically the Atlantic Trough. In an effort to help combat this threat to all life one earth, the extended community gave us a special gift, what James called the Cities of the Sea—these are creatures specifically designed to ingest plutonium waste and render it harmless. They were placed, with great care and without our collective knowledge, into both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, in the hopes of buying us more time to get over the hump.

The word “creatures” isn’t really adequate, as James would often describe them being red in color, having an awareness or consciousness, but looking more like a type of plant life. For years he told this story, but it wasn’t until the evening of August 24, 2014, that pilots flying over the Pacific ocean that night, observed and photographed them rising up out of the ocean, and leaving. I hate to admit that until I saw those images, I never really understood why he would refer to schools of creatures like that, as cities of the sea, but then I saw the pictures and could suddenly imagine myself looking into the depths of the ocean from the surface, and seeing glowing lights that would conjure thoughts of an underwater city. Some of the photos capturing their departure that night are below:

Before we get to why they left, it’s important to me, to us all really, that the reality of that remarkable event not be lost to incredulity, so below is a paragraph taken directly from a pilot’s firsthand experience that night, as written in an article called Red lights over the Pacific – August 2014, from the website (which is where the photos came from):

“In the night of 24-25 August 2014, I flew a 747-8 from Hong Kong to Anchorage. While flying over the vast Pacific Ocean, somewhere southeast of the Russian Kamchatka Peninsula, I had one of the strangest experiences of my life. Around five hours into our flight with Japan a long time behind us, we were cruising at a comfortable 34.000 ft with about four and half hours to go towards Alaska. Over the radio, we heard Air Traffic Control talking to other planes that were heading for the US West Coast about diversions, due to major earthquakes in San Francisco…”

Once this story began to make its way across the world, and James was asked about it, he solemnly explained that because we have wasted this precious gift—the Cities of the Sea—primarily by allowing the Fukushima nuclear meltdown into the Pacific Ocean to continue unabated (to this very day even), they were removed. He also, incidentally or not, explained that these creatures are alive and have feelings, and were now living in an ocean that was dying (because of our lack of concern)—it wasn’t right to leave them there. He reminded us that we still have the ones in the Atlantic Ocean, but because people were now dumping leftover Corexit (from the intentional BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico) near the coral reefs, it was difficult to say how long they would remain, and further, things would go downhill very quickly for us here on Earth, once they were all gone.

While we may (and should!) view these events and possibilities as bewildering, spectacular, astonishing and perhaps even miraculous, and they are, it’s also entirely meaningless if we continue to endlessly and exclusively ponder them at the expense of ignoring the obvious.

To this I would add, for those struggling to take seriously those interventions on our behalf by EMV’s and the extended community, I encourage you to consider those actions are no different than decades old claims of the extended community (UFO’s) having repeatedly interfered with the proper functioning of our nuclear missiles. As much as I want to say the other two examples are only different in their order of magnitude in saving our sleeping behinds, I can’t ever escape wondering how we knew those missiles weren’t working, if we weren’t intending to use them. Kind of like we wouldn’t know our own toaster was broken, until we tried to toast some bread in it, and it didn’t come on.

In looking up old news articles on UFO’s having interfered with our nuclear missiles to include here, I was surprised to find nothing but recent regurgitations of those original stories instead. It appears they’re being dug out the closet and shined up in the ongoing attempt to sell the predictive programming for the bogus hostile alien thesis. Incredibly, and added to the lengthy list of reasons I privately refer to planet Earth as ‘crazy town’, numerous stories of China threatening to drop nuclear bombs on countries that interfere with their plans—like Japan and the US—also popped up. Whether those threats were real or more narrative blather I can’t say, but it’s a reflection of insanity either way.



I came across a video of a young man by the name of Austin Steinbart, not long after he started producing youtube videos in which he made extraordinary claims about who he was, who he would become in the future, how he knew this, and the role he was currently playing at the moment. There was something about him that struck me, so I took an interest in his claims, and was amazed to find the level of condescension I received from people to whom I had shared that interest with. This is doubly true when one considers that the technological pre-conditions necessary for the seemingly bizarre personal claims about himself to in fact be true, clearly not only exist, but have already been in use for decades.

Perhaps surprisingly, it wasn’t Steinbart’s unusual claims about himself that caught my attention. Rather it was the nature of his focus—the ‘action items’ he’s attempting to get our fellow man to take seriously—they absolutely are every bit as important as he claims they are, and nobody else seems to want to talk about it. That, and that alone, is what set him apart in my view. The rest of his claims (about himself personally), true or not, are also meaningless in the context of our immediate needs and the consequences for failing to address them. Treating Steinbart the same way the media treated Ross Perot when he emerged—relentlessly mocking his claims and/or physical appearance (in Perot’s case it was the size of his ears) and encouraging others to do the same, instead of actually listen to what he had to say—was and is, extremely unhelpful.

While it might seem strange to bring up Ross Perot in relation to Austin Steinbart, there’s a valuable lesson there. The Presidential election Perot ran in, was the first one I was old enough to vote in, but the way the media treated the man was so appalling, it completely turned me off to politics. That, as it turned out, was a huge mistake on my part. In the decades since, watching every prediction Perot gave about what the future would look like if his warnings regarding treaties like NAFTA and GATT weren’t taken seriously, all come true, is how I personally learned that incredibly valuable lesson.

There are, during the course of time, powerful but extremely rare opportunities for significant change and course correction. Looking back (with the added value of hindsight), I strongly believe Perot was one of those opportunities, and it was missed. Given the current state of affairs on planet earth, and the rarity with which such opportunities present themselves, we certainly can’t afford to waste any more of them. Reviewing Steinbart’s assertions through that particular lens, not in terms of who he claims to be, but rather what he claims we need to address, and quickly, absolutely has the potential to set us on the path to significant course correction.


First and foremost, is the pressing need to create an Internet Bill of Rights. That billions of people remain apathetic to their every movement, relationship, purchase, social media posts, health problems, menstrual cycles, children, habits, movie choices and words (spoken in the ‘privacy’ of their own homes) being constantly surveilled and recorded by people they don’t know and didn’t vote for—without cause or a warrant—is both astonishing and frightening. Even worse, this gigantic surveillance and data-sucking apparatus is also now, without your knowledge and consent, vacuuming up your DNA.

Second, the failure of people around the world to take even the smallest interest in the history, beliefs, corruption, criminal activities, policies and agendas of their local and federal officials, has caused more human suffering than nearly all other public human failures combined. A government meant to function for and by the people, will inevitably become corrupted, when those same people refuse to perform the necessary function of oversight, and also consequently refuse to demand adherence to that same social contract, and accountability for those who don’t.

Third, that those agendas and technologies intend to continue in ways that won’t, even remotely, consider the individual human mind/brain sacred or off-limits, let alone respect for any semblance of personal privacy, quality of life, or the nature necessary to sustain us, should have every decent human being on this planet scrambling to stop any further encroachment or violations in that direction. Here I would remind long-time readers, and for those new here who are unaware, that this author was personally subjected to this extremely underhanded technology nearly 15 years ago, in a covert attempt to change the course I was on while writing the first book. That was recently re-covered in a previous article titled TRUTH IS INTOLERABLE TO AN EMPIRE BUILT ON LIES and I further encourage readers to explore a 2012 guest article hosted here called Artificial/Synthetic Telepathy And Mind Control for a more in-depth look at what that technology was already capable of back then.

Fourth, the blatant and grotesque corruption of our legal system, its agencies, courts, judges and prisons, is yet another issue we ignore at our own peril. Add to this the role of an equally corrupt media, and it doesn’t take long before “justice” transforms into “just us”—one set of rules for them, and a completely different set of rules for you—and viola, tyranny gains a dangerous and strategic foothold that becomes increasingly difficult to recover.

Do we need to believe Steinbart’s extraordinary claims about himself to take those problems, and the urgent need to correct them as quickly as possible, seriously? No. Should we have already been taking them seriously and working collectively to correct them, before Steinbart came along? Absolutely. Should we continue working hard to correct those problems, even if we later find out Steinbart’s strange claims about himself are a fiction? We would be foolish not to.

That the public remains either unaware or uninterested in the plight of political prisoners in this country, also needs to change. In regards to the ambivalent tone most people take on these issues, people who genuinely consider themselves to be ‘good’ people, the thought-provoking phrase, “it shouldn’t have to happen to you, for it to matter to you” certainly comes to mind. The underlying naivety associated with that lack of empathy, has not only repeatedly come back to haunt millions of people over the ages, but also recently caught some of our social-climbing, agenda-pushing local politicians completely off guard, when forced to realize they weren’t going to be as protected from their own policies as they thought. Buyer beware. Those events were covered in an article called, THE APPEASER FEEDS THE CROCODILE IN THE HOPES IT WILL EAT HIM LAST.


I would certainly be remiss not to cover Steinbart’s unusual claims about himself, especially as they relate to the Time Travel/Time Control technologies covered here, which is why he was included. As many of you know, this has to do with “Q” movement or phenomenon, which I won’t get into in great detail here, except to say that it began with posts on an internet board known as 4chan, providing the public with specific information, clues, and topics for independent research, with the main goal of helping people to become brighter (more reality literate) as to the true nature of certain things, people and events.

These posts (signed by Q), and the information they contained or pointed people to, spread like wildfire across the globe almost immediately, thus the “Q” movement was born. A multitude of Q-tubers popped up overnight, producing in-depth videos that combed over each new post trying to assess what it really meant or revealed. Most of the posts were signed with “Q” but on occasion, some were signed with a “Q+”. Once the phenomenon became well-established, it was led by a sort of Q-tuber royalty having hundreds of thousands of followers on their respective channels, waiting anxiously for the next post to come out and be parsed.

Also, because those posts presented a serious challenge to attempts by officialdom at retaining ‘reality narrative supremacy’, it wasn’t long before they launched a wave of ridiculous and over-the-top smear campaigns in an effort to regain that supremacy. It was a bizarre spectacle to behold the media investing so much time repeatedly disparaging ‘silly conspiracy posts’, and it wasn’t long before officialdom had big tech companies begin huge social media purges in an effort to rid themselves of it. To this day, even referring to the movement by its original name can get your youtube channel shut down.

Then Austin Steinbart emerged, and with that emergence came the strange sort of chaos one often finds in people who have clung so tightly to certain ideas, letting them go in favor of new possibilities (which may also entail admitting they were wrong), is nearly impossible. Along those lines, first and foremost, Steinbart claimed to be Q+ (the head of the phenomenon), asserting that even so, Q was not an individual, but rather a team of individuals. In the capacity of Q, Steinbart claimed he was able to perform some of these functions because he was using a technology that allowed his future self (Q+) to send information back in time, to his current younger self (Baby Q). As if that wasn’t enough to cause a massive wave of incredulity to ripple through the Q community, he also claimed he was going to be the future leader of the Space Force—a Space Force that, curiously enough, didn’t exist yet, at the time he made the claim.

As expected, officialdom responded to Steinbart’s emergence even more viciously than the Q-tuber royalty did; the same way they respond to anyone else whose emergence challenges their reality narrative supremacy, like that of Google whistle-blower Zach Vorhies: swat teams. However, while people like Vorhies were able to avoid prison, Steinbart wasn’t as lucky. [NOTE: Below is a video interview between Steinbart and ex-Fox News reporter Ivory Hecker discussing those events in detail]

The only other personality of note (who wasn’t immediately suicided upon their emergence, like Aaron Schwartz) that I can recall, who has been treated worse than Steinbart in my view, is Julianne Assange, who has now suffered a stroke during his seemingly endless life in prison. Our failure to appreciate the gifts he sacrificed so much to give us, to protect him, to demand justice and freedom for him, is, quite frankly, shameful.


Where are we now? The obvious answer, is that it’s hard to say for sure, but “in serious trouble” is a really good guess. Below is a transcription of Dr. Anderson’s thoughts on the issue, as he expressed them nearly 12 years ago on the Art Bell show:

Dr. David Anderson, founder of the Anderson Institute, discussing the negative implications of misusing Time Control Technologies on the Art Bell Show, 2010:

“Many people have not had the benefit we have, to understand, and to see and observe, what the true nature of time [is], its relationship with space, and how manipulating it can have different types of effects. And a lot of the issues really begin to fall, not on the scientific side, but on the moral and ethical side.

By experimenting in [with] time, and exercising Time Control Technology, we actually run the risk of affecting changes in our actual reality. And that means not just affecting a historical timeline, but affecting the existence of a person, of an organization, of a country. The changes ARE being executed, maybe on a smaller scale right now, but they’re being executed without the consideration, and more and ethical thought, what is the impact—the ripple effect—that exercising time could have on individuals, on countries, on governments. Even the human race, or even the fabric—I won’t go so far as to say the “fabric of reality” because that sounds too dramatic—but we’ve seen before, historically, that even with the greatest of intentions, the human race has the ability to take new technology, and apply it in dangerous ways.

And one of the great challenges with technology, and it would be fine if it was out in the open, but the agencies involved in this, whether it be government, private groups, special interest groups, they really don’t want it to become public. But what you have, is a race, for weapons development. There are a lot of governments who look at this and they talk about the benefits, a lot of agencies talk about it, but they talk about the need to develop Time Control technology into secret super-weapons. And any listener who would be surprised by that, I would say I would be shocked because I have had the benefit of reading books, I’ve been to military warfare college, but the fundamental premise of “winning” at warfare, and that’s the goal of countries—is to survive first and then to prosper—and successful strategies show you have to keep the technology secret as an advantage.

And we see governments racing for weapons development, and essentially, they do it under the cloak of National Security, but there’s a short-sightedness to it. And what I worry about, and maybe this will come off as dramatic and I hope it does because I want to shock your listeners into reading more, whether it’s with us or anyone else, is, what we may be preparing for—I’m sorry, I’ll take the “maybe” out. What these governments are preparing for, in my mind, from the inside-out looking at it, can only be described as preparing for the first great Time War, that this planet could see. And the effects that could have on a small scale, implementing a ripple effect that has [a] small ripple effect that has dire consequences, or even risks destroying different aspects of historical timelines on this planet.”


“The mechanisms of physical laws are uniform in texture, they are not always uniform in application, and they vary and they alter. As far as organization, there’s certain patterns that are innate. That pattern is that you aspire to a certain level of technology, and if you out distance, firm observance of law, equally applied, and you allow certain social evils to be perpetuated, that don’t become part of the evolutionary process of growth, then you get to a stagnant point where technology begins to work against you.

And that’s the situation on Earth, and it’s a big barrier to overcome, but once you overcome it, then you proceed further. This condition, this pattern, is uniform throughout the universe. There are variations on how it manifests, but in principle it’s the same. We are all seeded from the same sentient source—all intelligent life comes from but one source. And over millions and millions of years, the variations have extended beyond even corporeal existence for intelligent species. And they’ve adapted and they’ve changed, they’ve altered many things, but they basically are the same with respect to abiding by certain laws, and having a moral core.

The absence of placing a proper value on these things, here, has allowed the conditions to exist which threaten extending beyond that barrier.”


At this stage of our development, it should be abundantly clear what our overarching problem is: rather than remove aberrancy from our civilization, we have not only ignored it—we have literally put it in charge—of nearly the entire planet.

We have given it no oversight, no accountability, free reign, unfettered access, and nearly unlimited power, over everything of significance, without understanding the consequences of doing so. This is the war we are fighting, the test we are taking, and up until the recent ‘Great Awakening’, not enough of us even knew it was happening.


In more deeply contemplating and exploring the wonders and ideas put forth by the individuals referenced here, one will inevitably discover fine but glistening threads running between them all. Threads that become more and more perceptible as we simultaneously widen and increase our focus. I have no idea if these individuals—the Judge (James Horak), the software company CEO, the purported future leader of the Space Force, and the Time Travel scientist—are or were, even consciously aware of each other, or would have taken each other seriously if they were. Regardless, the gossamer running through their activities, concerns, hopes, and dreams for our future is remarkably evident, similar, and worthy of our serious consideration.


Even more, I want each of you to know, I have spent a significant portion of my lifetime now, loving many of you more than you love yourselves, and it’s time for that to change. And, to that I would add, I’m clearly not the only one. What about those who gifted us with the EMV operation in Utah that’s quite literally holding our planet together, and the Cities of the Sea, to give us more time? Are those not examples of our civilization being loved and cared for, more than we ourselves have managed so far? Are those not spectacular acts of love and kindness, asking nothing in return, bestowed upon a people who never even knew they were performed—a people who never even knew they needed them?

Whatever future I (or anyone else) may want for you, or believe you deserve, enough to fight for it myself, means very little if you don’t also believe it and want it for yourselves enough to do the same. Not only is the human race loved beyond measure, but at the same time, our hand has also exceeded our grasp. That, too, has to change.

It’s time for the Earth kids to grow up—to see beyond their own personal pain and struggles and instead focus on the causes—so they may be corrected, so we can move on. To see the measure of love and care our experience is carried on, to appreciate and understand the love we have already received (even if it didn’t come from the sources we hoped it would), and to see and appreciate the love within ourselves, that we deny others at the expense of our own joy and future.


There’s something extremely warming to me, about knowing we aren’t drifting alone in an icy cold and empty space. Even more so, also knowing the test we now face, difficult as it may be, is a universal test that all emerging civilizations take, and clearly, a lot of them pass it—it’s definitely doable. That in itself is extremely encouraging.

I also remember a time when James explained that certain Native American populations, in the past, were given a sign to watch for, that would indicate we failed our test: the serpent rope in the sun. That observable sign would be the result of EMV’s (an element of creation that also work with Suns) lining up across the sun in that particular configuration. Even more astonishing, that sign already happened—but the end didn’t. Why?

Between the time that prophecy was provided, and the time it appeared, something happened…precisely what that something was, we can only guess. It seems that some sort of spark was lit, and a new glimmer of hope for clarity was observed in us, that again, gave us more time. I remember James discussing it once, with the age old admonition “be ye not keepers of signs” because depending on the circumstances to which they apply, they can change. We can change. And apparently, to some degree, we already have. Readers may find the following video extremely enlightening in that regard, especially as, in the years since it was recorded, numerous underground bases have seemingly been, well, “made inoperable” let’s say. In this brief conversation from 2010, James referenced new potentials brought forth as hundreds of thousands of people around the world became fully awake, making the following, extremely interesting statement: “The minute that I can get out, what I said about the rats in the hole, then those that are [awake] will know what they are supposed to do”. [Language Alert]

But is that “awakening” alone enough to fully pass the test, and what other considerations might we need to make, to be sure those efforts aren’t swallowed up by a competing agenda?

If we were to stop those responsible for repeatedly hitting the buttons that lead to catastrophe, in their relentless pursuit of power at any cost, and we did it today, would that be enough? Enough for what, exactly? Has the damage already exceeded our current technological capabilities to reverse or remedy? Is becoming a member of the extended community just a dream worthy of aspiring to, or now necessary to our continued survival? Is that also part of the universal test pattern—that part of the test is recognizing our hand has already exceeded our grasp—coming to the realization that stopping any further damage from occurring, does not afford us the skill to clean up the mess, so we must begin to look for help outside of our own civilization? In other words, is the nature of the test itself, a springboard from which we’re forced to begin taking our thoughts deeper into the greater beyond and grander design?

I originally started this paragraph off with, “If we are going to need continued help” but that seemingly disregards everything covered so far. Taken at face value, there’s no “if” involved, considering we’ve already received an enormous amount of help, long before we knew it happened, or even why we needed it. We will, therefore, necessarily continue needing assistance from the extended community, and likely in ways and for reasons we don’t yet fully understand or realize. And, to qualify for that kind of help, we will have to prove we are genuinely worthy of it at that level, and won’t continue to squander it, weaponize it, or take it for granted. The form that proof would need to take, is our “getting over the hump”, and what that entails has already been explained.

Repeatedly over the years, James Horak has been proven right about a great many things, the ineptitude of the agenda behind the “hostile alien thesis” included. Over and over again, as a means to their own survival, the elite must necessarily sully, attack, discredit and paint every option we have, to both survive them and go beyond them, as the enemy. It’s not cone-heads or reptilians or gray aliens responsible for the mess down here, it’s human beings.

In considering that past performance can be a good indicator of future behavior, the manner in which EMV’s and the extended community have aided us thus far, does not paint them as “gods” nor have they pretended to be—that’s what a particular group of people down here like to pretend.

Still largely unbeknownst to most, we live in world in which two competing realities are constantly struggling for full manifestation. As one of them seeks to wholly dominate and fully replace the other through various methods of suppression and eradication, while the other entirely rejects such notions to the degree of criminal prosecution, they cannot peacefully co-exist—ever. As long as this struggle continues, so too will global war, famine, corruption, injustice and strife, and ultimately, the continued demise of our entire planetary civilization via the purposeful destruction of its life support systems. Mankind can no longer continue to participate in their own demise out of ignorance (of this war) and escape that demise at the same time.

This struggle is between the sovereign state, country or individual owning their own thought, action, and right to self-determination, and a private group of aspiring Caesars in the global governance regime they intend to replace the other reality with. This ultimate global reality revision cannot fully manifest without transferring, to itself, all of the sovereign power and freedoms of the other. Suffering numerous mattoid impediments, from the birth of this new and competing reality, the order-out-of-chaos principle thought necessary to achieve it was also born.



If we were to take all of this knowledge, concern, possibility, wonder and hope with us, into the space between stimulus and response, how might that affect the choices being made in that space? Supposing those choices are like stones skipping across the vast pond of time, how might those ripples carry on and re-engineer our future reality, instead of the past?

Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom, and I will meet you there. Or, perhaps (and with a little luck), I already have.

“Humanity once again stands at a most important fork in the road; a moment exhilarating and exasperating, liberating and terrifying—may we have the wisdom and moral fortitude to choose the path of countless wonders.” –Crystal Clark




Below are the 3 Dr. Anderson Time Travel/Time Control interviews previously referred to. Different questions and perspectives are naturally explored by different hosts, which is why all three are included.





The following short article was written by James Horak in 2013:

Where Technology is about Saving Everyone (and where it isn’t)
James Horak
Wednesday, November 27

Were I to draw a major distinction between advanced civilizations and those still savage it would be drawn over use of technology and not technology itself. It would be where the use of technology was to benefit everyone on all levels and not just a select few at any of those levels. For only where such access is afforded all alike would come the stability for a civilization to survive beyond the inevitable struggles of one group to succeed to parity with another, a cultural tension far greater than that to survive any elite… no matter what is in place to protect their privileged station.

But then that is not the only “tension” threatening to destruct a culture. The very nature of privilege breeds leadership that feeds on the devastation of others. Settle class rule and you would just begin to see that leadership will begin to feed upon itself. Can it be otherwise when the use of nuclear devices, despoliation of an entire planet and plans to murder over 90% of a population become adopted as methodology? Just what is left ANY of those that survive? For such an amoral contagion does not end there and those just immediately outside its influence would certainly object to neighboring with it.

When we examine the history of war, perhaps of any earthly struggle, we see two things constant among the fashioning causes, one class making the war while another fights it.

So, I ask you, would (even could) there be war without class distinctions? More, can class distinctions be predicated on wealth alone? Corporate wealth? Provisions found in the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement can answer that quite clearly. For what it lays out, not just forebodes, is the selection of leadership solely on those aspiring to power on the basis of corporate profit taking. The sell is on the lie that this will settle upon a new period of global harmony. Nothing could be further from the truth. Take heed of the corporate sabotage, corporate espionage that has percolated out of allowing corporations greater and greater influence in the world today. Hardly is “corporate” anything an answer to the survivability of the planet. This comes to nothing more than an end run behind all human advance socially obtained through the instrument of social contract.

Not just an abdication to the excesses of power that our own Constitution prevented, but to the rights of all individuals under the theory of Everyman and his place being held to inherent rights accorded by natural design. Something so profound, something given us as an heritage that the forefathers of time immemorial struggled so hard and long to obtain. Now, like the surgical incision to remove America’s economic health NAFTA portended, the final dissolution of any idea of human rights comes under threat. Disguised again like a “free” trade treaty, it is the final blow to the promise of all freedoms ever won from any and all forms of slavery. – JCH

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