253334_10151928778413098_1528044584_nIt was a pleasure joining the folks on The Plane Truth via the Time Monk Radio Network. Those who prefer the MP3 file can find the download link on the youtube video. You can listen to more of their shows and join discussion threads via the links below:

NOTE: Two events of significance have occurred since the interview was initially recorded that pertain to topics discussed during the show:

  1. Dec 4, 2014: Behind the White House’s political smokescreen in Ferguson and New York, US lawmakers were busy sliding through a pre-declaration of war against Russia.
  2. Are we finally getting closer to discovering some of the environmental mechanisms causing the “mytochondrial dysfunction” the EPA continually *blames* for Autism, but never actually investigates? Let’s hope so. Dec 4, 2014: Autism Bomb: Bayer Herbicide Causes Autism, Even at Trace Levels


    • Only time will tell, but it remains a fact that globalists have, do, and will go to extraordinary lengths to eliminate any and all competing realities. Pushing Russia for a nuclear WW3 would only make sense in that scenario; mutually assured destruction benefits no one, least of all globalists. Either way, the way things are progressing, it won’t be long until we know for sure. In the meantime I see the same tired scenario playing out over and over—destruction from within blamed on sources from without.


    • Also, consider this: If Putin (and even the BRICS nations) knew what I do, in that globalist order-out-of-chaos methodologies are not survivable long-term for the human race, would Putin’s/BRICS actions differ from what they are doing now?


    • It’s also worth considering that if indeed Putin and BRICS are acting on the knowledge that the continuation of the globalist order-out-of-chaos model will mean the end of the human race, and they are creating an alternative and competing model to avert that outcome, how would the globalist response of escalating to WW3 in an effort to eliminate that competition be any different than it is now?


    • Everyone is doing well, g—thank you for asking. I don’t get involved in the administration of the EMV blog so I can’t help there. Have you tried contacting James on FB? I’ll pass your message along in the meantime. 🙂


      • thanks, I’m not on fb, but i was just wondering how you all were. good to know everyone is doing well.


      • also if it come through comedy, then I’m all for it. Lets just stop this nuclear disaster please.


  1. Crystal: While the entire globe seems to be obsessed with misc. bread & circus scandals dealing in under-inflated footballs, I’m trying to dial into what the other hand is doing. I see fortification of Syrian rebels in lieu of (more) U.S. boots on the ground, the timing of M.I.T.’s cute little news article about a plasma ring discovered within the Van Allen array, and people far too decompressed and relaxed over the drop in gas prices when a carbon tax card is on the verge of being played. I would really like to know what C. Clark is thinking. Thanks!


    • Thank you for your question, Buzz. The human race has forsaken its children, its planet, its future, and any moral imperative through which these may be salvaged. Personal responsibility has yielded to the short-term benefits of cowardice, corruption, theft and greed. Until these are corrected, the human race continues to swiftly dig its own grave. Are there signs of hope, brought to us by those who understand this, and also care enough to make those corrections? There are–Putin being one of many. When the host of TMRN was viewing Putin’s actions through a different lens, perhaps I should have asked the following question: “If Putin knew what I’m telling you now, how would his actions be any different?”

      Moral imperative escapes the alternative media nearly as thoroughly as it does the MSM, simply because it’s missing from the lives and actions of those who populate them both. Can logic and reason be found without it? If people are unable or unwilling to listen to the voice of reason, perhaps listening to the cries of their starving bellies and dying loved ones will be loud enough to penetrate the “protective form of ignorance” Orwell once pointed to–a sad truth better realized sooner than later.

      That said, what I can tell you from *experience*—and the desperate actions of our aspiring Caesars constantly reaffirm it with things like ‘net neutrality’ and curtailing of ‘freedom of speech’—is that EXPOSURE is the first and most critical step to taking them down. I have personally tested this on a number of occasions, and the last company I worked for ceased to exist because of it. This is why I so often say that I really and truly believe most people really are good people, who would do the right thing if they knew it what it was…if this were not the case, exposure would be meaningless.

      If and when these good people find the courage to overcome the cowardice that stands between them and the moral imperative necessary to save an entire civilization already standing in the grave, they will once again see in themselves, what I see in them. This is the hope for us all, and the day I long for most.


      • Hi Crystal,
        I have been outside of the US for the past 5 yrs or so, but my interpretation of the ‘mood’ seems to indicate a general anxiety. The problem I see is lack of direction. Perhaps even as a result of too much ‘Exposure’ -orchestrated, of course, designed to change each day…Will the next “Bundy Ranch” be a catalyst for “action” ? Leading to what ? But anyway, I am not that encouraged.
        Ok, sorry, I digressed. The question I have is about the previous lineages, and your research. Have you constructed any type of timeline for them and perhaps, correlated that via the out-of-place artifacts discovered over the years? Have you discovered other details regarding the previous lineages, or can you talk about that? Do you think they were ‘World-wide’ individual episodes or could that have been going on simultaneously in multiple locations? For example Dwarka, and ‘Atlantis’ or would they be considered ‘this’ lineage? I am fascinated by this topic. Thanks!


      • Thank you for comments and questions, Mike. During my previous research (nearly a decade ago) I came across Native American references to five previous lineages, and then found Jerry Wills over at covering the 6 large stones in Peru that are said to represent the previous 6 lineages–after this I came across James Horak, who also believes our current lineage or advanced civilization to be the 7th.

        This can become a rather complex topic (especially with the inclusion of EMVS), but to answer your question directly, I have not put together any particular timeline that anomalous artifacts would no doubt help to render. There are many of these anomalies, to be sure, and producing this kind of timeline may be helpful in putting them all together for ease of assimilation by those not previously exposed—I will look into it. 🙂 This is doubly true when one considers the “sound bite syndrome” humanity currently suffers from at their own peril.

        At the same time, and for the same reason, we’re likely dealing with spans of time that are, today, simply unfathomable to consider. However, if Mr. Horak is correct, the complete history of the ‘earthbound’ human race has been stored and protected for our future access, should we overcome the catastrophic spin cycle—waiting for us on phobos—beyond the reach of earthbound corruption, agenda and arrogance. A strange thing to consider, certainly, until we recognize the wisdom in it. The idea that “there is nothing new under the Sun” has robbed us of more than we know. 🙂


  2. I watched this video twice, the first time I was so sick from an infection and not sleeping that night I fell asleep watching it and missed most of is so watched it today, frankly I did not understand what they were talking about, I understand about agenda 21 and elites consider themselves gods (hence superior to man and entitled to rule and make whatever laws they want) had to look up a few words like paradigm and narrative on my tablet, anyway the part I did not understand is infighting part, who is fighting with whom i positions of power? is that the elites are even vying against other elites for top dog position? I guess I should not be surprised the demons fight with each over stuff, being peacable and happy and contented one must be humble kind and gentle and wise. if one believes they are gods then humble gentle and wise they are not. hence for me to understand it is impossible because my world is not like that, neither do I ever want it to be, they are not wise because they are deluded and will destroy themselves, and not get life either in Gods new world if they do not change. they are living a life of a lie and will thus reap the conseqences of living in a fantasy world (lie) I kind of feel sorry for them and disgust at the same time as their ignorance and arrogance and inability to see how pitiful and poor and crippled they are mentally spiritually and emotionally. they are missing out on such wonderful things and prospects it boggles the mind what arrogant and selfish people in high and low positions will face at armegeddon. they will miss out on so many wonderful things, if they would just open their eyes for a moment. sad. and unfortunatly their blindness and death wish is harming others too who are not like them at all.


  3. Just the wrong verb tenses, but closer and closer


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